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  1. Norm After seeing this, I went and looked out and couldn’t believe what I saw. Snow! Lots of it and settling, we’re over in Merstham.
  2. That’s me! Really hoping for a ‘snow event’ but never build my hopes up!
  3. Quite a bit of ice and snow around at home in Merstham. First picture is of the fields out towards Nutfield and the second is up towards M25/Nutwwod/ Reigate Hill
  4. Rain with a little sleet in it over in Merstham. Are we a little higher up than Reigate?
  5. Looking at the forecast Redhill area of Surrey isn’t going to see all that much. What are the chances it’s wrong?
  6. We holiday in Marmaris every year, love it there. We’re going next month and will be our 14th time since 2008. Back to the weather, overcast and slightly muggy here in my part of Surrey. Can’t wait for the sunshine to come back.
  7. A storm is rolling around us in Merstham, just had the most heaviest downpour of rain and hail. Thunder crashing around and lightning flashes.
  8. Nothing exciting to report here in RH1, just rain and the odd rumble of thunder.
  9. Surprised to see it’s still snowing here in Merstham/Redhill. The cars/pavement & roads are covered.
  10. Just been out to cover up the rabbits, absolutely pouring with snow here in RH1 and very crunchy under foot.
  11. Pretty much the same over here in Merstham, obviously got colder since about 4am as the heating has kicked in.
  12. Also looks like it’s heading Redhill/Reigate way towards me too. Time to go and get the rabbits in!
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