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  1. Thank you, I will give them a read as not buying till April 👍
  2. Thanks. I'll have a look at the watson one. Can I ask about placement, does it have to be a certain hight etc, I've got a small garden with a tree that overhangs from the outside in the nw corner, a field at north at the back and next doors garden too the east. I'm thinking of putting on the fence at the north end
  3. Hi I was just browsing this thread and came across your post. I'm looking at getting a station and did pick the Davis Vantage Vue with the live stuff etc as my first choice, however after seeing you recommend the W830 I went and had a look and seeing the Ventus W830 at half the price of the Vue and with free online accounts and excellent reviews its has made me do a rethink and I'm most likely get the W830 so thank you.
  4. Beautiful winter's morning here, fresh snow glistening in the sun with blue skies overhead
  5. Lovely blue skies now, nice to feel the sun too. Are we in North West Kent due anything tonight ?
  6. Think Sevenoaks is just outside the track of the yellow blobs on the radar, it keeps going from bursts of heavy to light flurries.
  7. He would stay out in this all day if he could, went out with broken clouds and sun trying to get through to almost a whiteout, still falling here in Sevenoaks not settling on roads. Have to say KCC gritting team have done a good job here with primary routes. 20210210_113224_1.mp4
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