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  1. Settling more and more on the main road
  2. Its weather, stop throwing digs around at each other. Life is far too short to be arguing over the weather
  3. Yep its proper coming down now, the a25 outside my place has had a wet shine to it all night but now can see snow settling on it
  4. Starting to get a thin layer on the paths now (Sevenoaks )
  5. Nice, you're just along the road from me (Sevenoaks) nothing but drizzle here since 6
  6. Everywhere around Sevenoaks is reporting snow, surely its gonna snow here too ?
  7. Nothing but snizzle here for the last hour (Sevenoaks)
  8. Nothing happening in Sevenoaks
  9. If it's not gonna snow then give me clear blue skies and cold instead of this horrible mucky grey stuff 🤬. Please weather gods give me snow 🙏🙏
  10. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look.
  11. Someone on my Facebook posted that they was told that weeks 2-3 of February could be the weeks for decent snow events here in the south east, anyone with knowledge on here think the same ??
  12. The weather is having a argument with its self, one min thick flakes then the next rain/sleet
  13. Bit disappointed to be honest, but oh well at least my parcel will get delivered today, Sevenoaks