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  1. So according to KentLive we are getting snow in January, the 8th for me and the 14th for Ashford https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/kent-weather-exact-dates-its-3676022
  2. Thanks so we still could get a result then hopefully. Did try to get tickets for today but they had sold out, luckily for me but they do a full refund if no play.
  3. Hi, I'm heading to Lords tomorrow, Friday and Saturday for the 2nd Ashes test can any of you wonderful people who know about weather forecasting give me an idea of what the weather is going to be like ? The Met Office and BBC are in disagreement. Thanks in advance
  4. I live in a flat and I swear the person below me have gone out and left the heating on, my flat is unbearably hot I'm literally sweating just sitting here and I've had a small mobile air con on pretty all day yesterday. Worse nights sleep I've had during this heatwave. Took a walk to the shop and it was such a relief so much cooler, distant rumbles of thunder and now a heavy shower (Sevenoaks)
  5. Its weather, stop throwing digs around at each other. Life is far too short to be arguing over the weather
  6. Yep its proper coming down now, the a25 outside my place has had a wet shine to it all night but now can see snow settling on it
  7. Nice, you're just along the road from me (Sevenoaks) nothing but drizzle here since 6
  8. Everywhere around Sevenoaks is reporting snow, surely its gonna snow here too ?
  9. If it's not gonna snow then give me clear blue skies and cold instead of this horrible mucky grey stuff . Please weather gods give me snow
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