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  1. So whats the latest for the next snow event today ? Not coming too much or watch this space ?
  2. Prob the heaviest it's been in this part of Bristol now . Nothing spectacular but still going
  3. Don't think we're going to get any heavy stuff , shame really but still got a decent amount
  4. Still quite fine here in avonmouth Bristol. Blizzard like but needs heavier snow . Is this the worst or is more to come ?
  5. Just don't think it will be anything special . BBC and met office seem to have downgraded it for Bristol area . We shall see though
  6. Not much to report in Bristol really . Few gusts of wind now and again . Can see it being a non event here . But I am a pessimist lol
  7. Hello first post here , loving this weather activity but very much a novice, been following on here for a few days and following various Facebook groups , I really hope it comes Good for us tomorrow in Bristol and the South West as we never get anything like this but this suspense is killing me , hour by hour its changing from being nailed on to be hardly a dusting . What is the state on play for Bristol at the moment ? Thanks
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