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  1. Evening, made a brief foray into here back in 2018 when, as others have mentioned thanks to some discriminatory science, Newcastle's 'Beast from the East' turned into the sheep from Whitley Bay. I have been reading this thread with interest in the past few days - special mention to the perpetual, but now iconic, pessimism of NickR, who has once again proven that the worst thing about pessimists is they're usually bloody right. That being said Newcastle has done rather better in terms of convection tonight. And if all of us can say that this time tomorrow, we might be getting somewh
  2. *Public service announcement* If anyone wants to avoid the snow, come to Newcastle Upon Tyne. After our previous beast from the east turned into the mouse from Brockley Whins, I am personally convinced that Newcastle is exerting a magnetic force which violently repels all snow.
  3. Clever. Now, given you're doing things with Emma, can you also ring her up and ask her to take a trip up here, but to leave any mild air behind.
  4. Didn't believe you for a second. Didn't go and check the radar once to see if it existed. And definitely didn't think it might still exist despite it not appearing on my radar.
  5. I'm hoping this exists, and it's just my radar not speaking to me ...
  6. Probably - stretching from Gateshead to Whitby I should imagine.
  7. In the words of Bob Ferris, I refuse to discuss the matter. Me and the radar had so many arguments last night, I thought we might as well just get married and be done with it. But today I my resolve is unshakeable and I won't even give her the time of day, for at least half an hour.
  8. This has basically been the Michael Owen of cold spells for a lot of Newcastle - promises a lot, but doesn't really deliver the goods.
  9. Afternoon, I hesitate to say I'm new here because I reckon I posted a couple of times several years back, but have done the proverbial Full Monty with my username and password; forgotten them both. I'm currently writing in a blizzard, well watching a blizzard - and just in case this seems totally illogical when you see it, as it is one of my first posts I believe it has to be approved by a mod ... either way good to get some snow in my location, as Newcastle appeared to have put up its umbrella yesterday evening and night.
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