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  1. The wind is screaming and banging. I’ll be interested to know how fierce the gusts are.
  2. Horrendous gusts and torrential rain being thrown at front sea facing windows. Hedge doing Mexican wave!!!???
  3. A very wild and windy night with torrential rain battering velux window. clearing away and calmer now, for a while anyway. more on the way I believe.
  4. Dry, dry, dry. Rain a few days ago half filled one water butt but it’s all gone again with watering the tubs of vegetables. everything dries out so quickly and droops looking sorry for itself! Got to keep the runner beans going. Very hot sun, real burning feel to it. Loads of lovely baby blackbirds and sparrows using the bird bath every day, lots of splashing and fun. They look like they really love it. Got a pond and have seen some frogs but no spawn this year. A few dragonflies and damsel flies. a very few bats who feed across the front garden but not as ma
  5. Blustery wind all day. Masses of leaves off the palm tree, which is severely damaged from the snow and frost this winter. 15mm rain in a bucket, not much really, and now the sun is coming out. ground still very dry underneath the damp surface.
  6. Only a very few lighter than light showers that only damped the ground for a few minutes. Soil dry as a bone inches deep. well established shrubs showing signs of distress now. looks like the rain clouds are passing us by and going up the coast away from us now.
  7. Looking black out over the sea but no rain so far. quite windy and blustery though.
  8. Bit of rain in the night. Badly needed for the garden. quite breezy now but sunny with some fast moving high clouds.
  9. Currently temp 24c. No wind. Blue sky. Absolutely baking out in my deckchair. Wonderful!
  10. Perfect summer morning, blue sky, 17c at present, no wind. wearing light summer clothes is such a treat compared to recent rubbish summers.
  11. Woohooo! Yeeeesssssss.............
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