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  1. Northumberland A696 traffic cam gives a live update of what it's like up there!
  2. Latest radar shows some red activity to the East of Newcasle. It's been building for the last hour.
  3. I know mate - I was absolutely gobsmacked! Saw a gritter go past late morning today and there hasn't been once since. It's the main route to the Tyne Bridge this road.
  4. I rang the council around 10pm asking if they could pass a message to gritting as we hadn't seen one go past all day. Their reply was they don't do gritting anymore, it's a private company who can only be reached 9-5. I was waiting for the first car to be embedded in our building!
  5. Started blizzarding again Newcastle city centre. Solid low grey cloud.
  6. Gosh you're near to us yet such a difference in conditions. Cars are struggling to get up the hill to the Tyne bridge round the corner from us.
  7. Izi where in NCL are you? City centre is getting pasted where I am.
  8. Newcastle city centre right now, I didn't capture the huge clap of thudner and lightning though!
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