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  1. I am confused. Netweather forecast is showing snow for me tomorrow (Ashwater, Devon) but the Met Office is showing sunshine...they can't both be right!
  2. I had a crash on the school run this morning due to the ice. I am supposed to be going up to Barnstaple tomorrow to collect a courtesy car but am not sure whether I should put it off until Saturday. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  3. Am I allowed to say that I don't want any more snow at the moment in here, or is that considered rude? ??
  4. Still not stopped here..almost into our 10th hour...lighter currently but still going!
  5. It hasn't stopped snowing here ( near Holsworthy) for 7 and a half hours now. About 10cm of lying snow. Kids and I all have a snow day tomorrow!
  6. Snowing heavily near Holsworthy now with big flakes. Starting to settle on our drive too
  7. Hello everyone. Just been out sledging with my children for the second time today and, although there's nothing showing on the radar, it's started snowing very tiny flakes near Holsworthy
  8. Still incredibly windy here...(Near Holsworthy) Snow interspersed with bouts of freezing rain. Icicles on the windows!!
  9. Very light snow here near Holsworthy at the moment. Hoping it peps up a bit....ok, make that lots!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker on here but just had to share that we've just had our first dusting of snow near Holsworthy. Here's hoping for a lot more ?
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