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  1. Yeah there were a few near us too. Reports of severe flooding Delamere Forest/ Northwich way - pubs have had to close early. Not surprised though as that way has been sat under the storm for well over an hour now.
  2. Still no rain here in Sandbach v dark with a couple of flashes of lightning and low rumbling thunder. Just seen 3 fire engines shoot past going Middlewich/ Northwich way don’t know if related as there were lots of lightning strike house fires across Cheshire last night.
  3. Very dark to my west towards the Northwich storm ⛈ can hear low rumbling thunder and the wind is picking up. No rain as yet though in Sandbach.
  4. A hot humid 31c and hazy sunshine here in S Cheshire after last nights epic storms. Hottest day of the year here beating yesterday’s 30c and July 31st’s 30.5c Very rare to get the hottest day of summer in August in recent years usually its mid-late July.
  5. Sandbach. Torrential rain again shotgun thunder what a storm! ⛈🌩
  6. Fork Lightning 🌩 Going to try and get some pics! ⛈ An amazing storm better than the June ones here anyway.
  7. Thunder, lightning and torrential rain moving up from Stoke area has just arrived here in S Cheshire looks to be moving NEward watch out N Cheshire/ Greater Manchester. ⛈
  8. Tomorrow looks peak of the heat probably getting to around 28/29c for you in East Lancs and then gradually fresher from Thursday.
  9. Swelteringly hot afternoon we’ve hit 30.5c here in S Cheshire. Not looking great for storms tonight but tomorrow evening/ night may well hold more promise ⛈
  10. Some brief storms down in S Cheshire last night more like heavy showers to be honest. Hot & Humid with hazy sunshine today at 28c. Looking even hotter tomorrow 29-32c with feel like temperatures with humidity in the mid- high 30’s! Could well beat the summer high of 31c recorded on July 31st down here! Quite impressive for this part of the world
  11. Heavy rain and a few distant rumbles of thunder ⛈ here in Cheshire.
  12. Lovely afternoon here in S Cheshire making the most of what will probably be the best day of the week - hazy sunshine and a humid 26c
  13. Another fairly meh day here in S Cheshire characteristic of the dry days this summer to be honest some warm sunny spells but largely a lot of cloud. Feeling muggy but not overly humid with hazy sunshine into this evening. Came out at 25-26c around 3pm. Good enough weather though for garden cocktails & a BBQ We might not have the tropical heat of down south but the NW/ W Midlands might well be in the sweet spot for any storms early-mid week! ⛈
  14. Reached 29c! Doubt we’ll reach 30c this late in the day though.
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