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  1. This time on Thursday I was sat outside on the decking drinking mojitos! Today I’m sat inside drinking hot chocolate like it’s October as the rain pours outside - UK weather
  2. Peaked at 33c here in S Cheshire yesterday not the extreme heat of London and the SE but extreme for the NW where anything above 25c is a scorcher in Summer Much more comfortable today fingers crossed August bucks the trend of recent ones and stays warm and settled
  3. Yep worth noting for sure as it can be a real snow spoiler locally - can't remember whether winds were from the SE for this particular event but I remember the 18th Jan 2013 frontal snow event that brought 5-10 cm snow here in South Cheshire, the North Midlands and even a covering to Merseyside only for the main band of snow to grind to a halt just south of Manchester giving Gtr Manchester, Lancs and North Cheshire (North of Macclesfield) nothing more than a dusting and a few light flurries in the wind.
  4. I know your pain well - growing up in Sandbach, South Cheshire so very much C.S and Crewe Cold territory I've never known a more frustrating place for snow than low lying North West England including Liverpool and the Wirral - to get snow depths deeper than 5cm is a task in itself because as tonight and this week have demonstrated we are often too far north, south or east to get the 'big' snow events as low lying Cheshire, Merseyside and South Manchester is sheltered to the west by the welsh hills, to the south by the Shropshire hills and Staffordshire Moorlands and east to the Peak District so it really takes a potent polar low, NNW or right side of marginal battleground scenario like those seen in Winter 2009/10 and the big freeze of Dec 2010 to deliver. The biggest snow events I saw in the Cheshire plain were the Irish Sea streamer 5th Jan 2010 event (12cm) and the 17th Dec 2010 event (16cm) whereas here in the suburbs of North London I've seen two 10cm falls this Winter. Hold tight though guys your time will come - who knows there may well be a great North West Blizzard of Winter 2018/19 just around the corner!
  5. Light snow/ snizzle blowing in the breeze currently - drifting lying snow a bit as well. A very decent 3cm top up this afternoon on the 5-6cm already on the ground from Wednesdays snow so around 7-9cm on the ground currently expecting it to melt quite rapidly into tomorrow though. Despite being not far from inner North London - Finchley and the higher North London suburbs, Harrow, Hampstead, Barnet into Hertfordshire etc... seem to do quite well for snow as we had 4-5 inches of wet snow back in December when Central and South London saw no more than a dusting. Think this is our lot for significant snow this winter though. Looking forward to the first Spring warmth, BBQ and beers in the garden kind of weather now haha!
  6. Light- moderate snow here in North London at -1c 6cm still lying on the ground hoping for a last 2-5cm top up before the thaw!
  7. Light blowing snow has intensified in the last hour to moderate-heavy snow here in the North London suburbs about 6-8cm on the ground with snow now accumulating on the main roads - bitter winds as well feeling even colder than yesterday with the cloud cover. Will be interesting to see whether we see a more organised heavier pulse of snow later on as if we do we'll be pushing Amber warning territory.
  8. A really extraordinary day of weather - first emergency snow closure I've had as a NQT teacher in London (sent home at 12:30) and frequent heavy snow showers on and off from around 11am adding to the 3-cm that fell overnight my Year 3's loved it though! About 4 inches currently here in North London and still moderate-heavy snow still falling - really think the intensity & longevity of these showers have caught the Met Office off guard hence the updated yellow warning. Think most of us in London at least will get a further 2-3cm from these into the early hours then tomorrow is all to play for really - as others and the BBC's Chris Fawkes has mentioned if that low tracks further east and north we could see a further dumping of 10-15cm quite widely across Greater London and the SE and even if it follows the forecast track a further 5-10cm is possible - always more the further south and west you are in the region. It'll be an ever changing situation and nowcast scenario for sure best bet to look out the window and check the radar really. Pic below is North Finchley in this mornings blizzard brrr!
  9. Net Weather forum newbie here (although have been a long term lurker haha!) Whilst clearly there's been a lot of snow out east into Kent and parts of Essex I'm quite disappointed with what we've had so far here from the so called 'Beast from the East' in North London - we had a couple of moderate- heavy snow showers yesterday giving a dusting and a half hearted attempt at a flurry mid morning today - even spotted a guy in a T shirt and shorts on Finchley High Road earlier - in the sunshine you'd think it was Spring if you didn't look at the temperature! Any chance that us North/ West London lot may see anything later as next chance for any significant snow looks to be the interesting but equally not definite snow event Thursday into Friday possibly lasting into Saturday??
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