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  1. Definitely beginning to notice the nights drawing in that bit more now. From a tropical 23c at midnight this time last week to a pretty cool and unseasonable spell of wet and windy weather the next 24 hours - SW England namely Cornwall will be catching the worst of it but we won't escape it entirely either. Mixed and at times coolish week next week but signs of a potential gradual warm up (maybe even some heat again) towards mid August with still lets face it plenty of usable warm weather potential right through until October really but increasingly without the sticky humidity and uncomfortable nights mid summer heat often brings - mellow sunny September days around 19-20c by day but followed by lovely cool nights just as the leaves are beginning to turn are my absolute favourite
  2. We have lift off torrential rain, thunder & lightning - first proper storm locally of the summer here in S Cheshire ️⛈
  3. Had an almighty downpour last night. Risk of further downpours & potential thunderstorms today. A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued by @UKWeatherUpdates on Twitter for eastern parts of the region including MCR and the Peak District. Will have to wait and see what develops this afternoon ️ ⛈
  4. Heavy showers moving in now across the south of the region. Nothing thundery here as yet though sadly.
  5. Absolutely we’ve had a good summer so far compared to the South of the country. I fear August may well bring the worst of the summer as per usual in the last 10 years with the exception of last year perhaps but think we’ll still get some warmth mid month.
  6. Cloudy morning followed by some sunshine this afternoon 22c and a light breeze much more comfortable summer weather
  7. Thunder reported in Stoke so you never know ⛈ will keep a track on the radar.
  8. 32c here, 31c (Official) at Hawarden, 30c (Official) at Manchester Airport & Rostherne (Official) in the last hour. Northern Ireland have just beaten their heat record once again at 31.4c in Armagh. Line of storms ⛈ picking up over the Peaks. Bakewell and places nearby seem to have copped them.
  9. 31c now - hottest day of the year so far for me! Can we make it to 32c? I think we can!
  10. Just breached 30c here in S Cheshire feels like temperature at 34c Cheshire/ South Manchester, Manchester City Centre tend to do the best in heatwave setups regionally as they are inland, low ground areas. This spell has been notable as the north of the region and The Lakes have joined properly in on the fun/ heat this time something that can’t always be said in other summer non plume high pressure heatwaves that have benefited the south of the region more.
  11. 26.5c already here in S Cheshire we’ll be pushing 30-31c by mid afternoon for sure. NW England & Northern Ireland the hot spots today. Quite unusual to say that!
  12. Think 29-31c maybe closer to the mark but we’ll see. We’ll be hotter than the SE potentially tomorrow not nice at all with feels like temperatures close to 33-34c thankfully much fresher but remaining warmish into the weekend/ early next week though
  13. 31-32c tomorrow? As hot as last August’s hot spell if it comes to pass
  14. 29c & sunshine sometimes turning a touch hazy much of the day here in S Cheshire. Feels like temperatures the hottest of this spell so far 32-33c with increased humidity. Looking likely to reach 30c tomorrow, a warm but more pleasant day Friday 24/25c before much fresher weather with some rain moves in weekend onwards.Sadly not looking great on the storms front for us but boy weren’t we spoilt with storms last year. June & the August hot spell breakdown served up some fantastic storms from memory. My thoughts are for a fresher start to August before more settled and warmer conditions arrive mid month but we shall see. ⛈
  15. Reached an unofficial 30c here in S Cheshire this afternoon so the hottest day of the year locally! Rostherne, Knutsford (my nearest MO station) recorded 28c as their high. Another hot two days to come with 30-31c potential again then a breakdown of sorts by the weekend and turning thankfully that bit fresher particularly at night.
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