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  1. Geordiekev have we not been in the last 24 hours, do you think this will kick off convection again?
  2. Yes snowing here and showers look like they maybe intensifying
  3. They can build quick, I remember a few years ago watching the radar and nothing showing then a shower built and got bigger within about 30 mins and hit us on the coast and dropped a fair bit, not saying that’s going to happen tonight but things can crop up quickly. The wind is still really cutting here and making a right noise, is it tomorrow pm it drops away ?
  4. Is it just me or convection kicking in again, loads of light blue but we know how quick these can intensify......or just hopecasting ?
  5. Have loved this spell just a bit gutted that loads of the showers went north or south of us here in Whitley Bay
  6. Shows how complex these things are, we still have decent uppers howling across the North Sea but it’s as if a a flick has been switched off on the snow making machine. Mind it’s some thing else when on full steam as we have seen
  7. Could it not be convection ramping up again as the low in the south pulls away west?
  8. I would have thought if it was to cover themselves it would just be reduced to a yellow warning and not Amber?
  9. Beefy showers incoming but again just to the north of me, blyth area. Ah man. We have still done not bad but for once its been cold enough at the coast but have missed most of the showers
  10. If you look from an hour ago the showers seem to be intensifying again just out at sea. Just hope more hit Whitley Bay as seem to be either to North or South of us. Im sure its to do with the Tyne Valley
  11. Been chucking it down in Whitley bay last couple of hours looking good on the radar as well
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