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  1. Burgess Hill, Mid Sussex..........been steady 1.8C for the last 2-3 hours, breezy
  2. Meanwhile in the Borders....... https://twitter.com/ITVborder/status/969240281647341570
  3. Slightly heavier powdery, fine snow fell temporarily giving a thin dusting, now being blown about in the strong wind. Stopped for 10 mins, but now looks like it's trying to start again.
  4. Light snow now in Mid Sussex. Despite it being very light, it's instantly settling on all surfaces including the road so temps must still be well down.
  5. Very light nondescript particles (snizzle ?) falling steadily in Mid Sussex at the moment with a few obvious small snowflakes here and there. Sky gone quite a bit darker in the last 30 mins.
  6. Nothing at all overnight in Mid Sussex, and nothing happening now...such a disappointment, have missed out to the East and West in this spell.
  7. Met Office Amber updated again, we’re now out..... Chief Forecaster's assessment Widespread snow is expected to develop through Thursday afternoon and evening, accompanied by strong easterly winds, leading to drifting of lying snow in places. Around 10-20 cm is likely to fall quite widely, with the potential for up to 50 cm over parts of Dartmoor and Exmoor. As less cold air follows from the south, there is a chance of snow turning to freezing rain in places, with widespread icy stretched forming making driving conditions dangerous. The warning has been updated to reflect the growing
  8. Bet all the guys and gals in Exeter went home early. Red warning and all that.....................
  9. Oooh, inside the Amber zone now then.........looks like a late night staring at streetlights :-D
  10. Exactly what I had (bit down the road from you in Burgess Hill) - same duration, must have been about 12.45pm. Not much at all, but wasn't snow.
  11. Little bit of very light rain in Mid Sussex just now............but temp still -3......wind chill is horrific still. Given up hope of any decent snow here now I think.
  12. Nothing doing in Mid Sussex - occasional light flurry. Just had a message from my daughter who is a nurse in the Scottish Borders (Galashiels) - got to work for her shift at 7am yesterday and hasn't been able to go home since. All roads blocked etc, laying snow already knee-deep with drifting to over 3 metres.
  13. Only seen this once, when I was about 12 and living in Devon. It was utterly bizarre - it was 40 years ago but I can vividly recall it. We lived in a cottage half way up a hill.....absolutely every surface was covered in a thin layer of ice. It was literally impossible to move anywhere without falling. Roads, cars, walls.....all simply coated in sheer ice.
  14. Just very light (non landing) snow in mid Sussex after none all day............but absolutely bitterly cold out. Almost froze my face walking home from the station - complete contrast to this morning when it was evry cold but still. Loving the football on telly....as mentioned above they’ll need the orange ball soon !
  15. Burgess Hill. Decent covering ((2cm) from a couple of heavy showers in the last hour, snowing now.
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