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  1. Amazing thunderstorm here, lightening after lightening after lightening, sky sounds like it’s falling in. Hailstones are rocketing down!
  2. Schools generally close because unlike “the good old days” most kids don’t live local to their school, likewise teachers. police and councils don’t generally want cars full of kids slipping and sliding around the roads when everyone else is around
  3. I’ve just had to abandon my car. Snow drifts ridiculous and it’s down to one track. Lorry came the other way and one of us had to give ground. Car now stuck fast and I’ve had to walk 2 miles home.
  4. Been coming down heavily here (just out of Colchester) for the last hour. Showing no signs of stopping. farmer digging cars out of the snow drifts!
  5. We’re buried here. Opened the door and it’s flush with the bottom of the door! Not seen snow like it since I was a kid
  6. Car crash was just up the road from me. We’ve had considerably more snow than Colchester town. I don’t want to sound like I’m gloating but it comes over the top of my Doc Marten boots!
  7. I’m in a little village just outside so our roads haven’t been prepped, it’s quite heavy atm though! See previous photo of CCTV ?
  8. Just woken up in a village outside Colchester to a good 2 inches! Still going great guns out there atm
  9. Long time lurker but wanted to post a pic of this very dark ominous cloud which has just rolled across the horizon. Its literally like a wave breaking, white fluff followed by dark yellow and grey. A thing of beauty! Not sure if the photo has really captured it at all Colchester
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