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  1. Stormy sky’s and a splatter of rain, feels like it’s brewing up a storm here.
  2. Snow falling in Arundel now for the last 10 minutes looks like it’s enough to settle. Winds have picked up too. 7/10
  3. Agreed, warnings were convincing enough for the south that the missus has cut her working week short up in London. I understand they have to have the warnings though.
  4. Really not had anything in this area (Arundel) to write home about the past couple of days. Missed out on the northsea streamers and this mornings preciptation passed over with a super fine dusting that blew away in the wind lol. Keeping a keen eye on things for tonight tomorrow, fingers crossed .
  5. Big windy flakes started here now, Arundel area. Radar showing heavy and incoming.
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