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  1. OK, it didn't happen in Yorkshire but I feel somewhat vindicated with my prediction with Sutherland in Scotland reaching 16.8 deg at 03.00hrs this morning, making it the warmest end of Dec night on record !!
  2. Could this weekend bring some of the highest December temps ever with the air flow coming up from the far southwest. Does anyone know what the max December temp is for the Yorkshire area ?
  3. Many thanks for the info, it will help in my analysis.
  4. I'm currently analysing weather records at a location in Yorkshire dating back to the the early 1970's. My query is regarding rainfall, should a day that only records 'trace' as rainfall be included in the 'number.of raindays' in a monthly total ? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but here goes...... I need to purchase a moderate priced piece of equipment that will automatically measure daily rainfall and daily max and min temps. We have been recording these features on a daily basis since the early 1970's but due to the imminent closure of the site (power station) there will no longer be anybody available to carry out these daily tasks but there will be an office with PC's etc still manned Mon to Fri. Can anybody please help with any info. Thanks in advance
  6. Whats happened to all the rainfall radars , can't seem to get anything since 21.15hrs, or is it just me.
  7. Well we did it,its now day 27 (Sunday) without measurable rain and a new 48 year record.
  8. We've been recording the weather at the UK's largest Ash Disposal site (the Big Hill alongside the M62 motorway at Junction 34 by Eggborough) since 1970.After trawling through nearly 50 years of records I have discovered that the driest spell (classed as a period with no measurable rainfall) occured between April 16th to May 9th in 1984 which was 24 days. At the moment, our last measurable rain was on June 18th this year which means that today was day 21 and if it stays dry until Friday we will break that record. (I did have a panic this afternoon as that weak cold front came through
  9. I have just been looking at the netweather radar and the snow storm off the coast of Wales seems to be building all the time but is not moving westwards.Is this normal or some sort of radar glitch?
  10. First few flakes now falling here, looking at radar we're just coming into contact with the southern edge of the main band.Heavier stuff probably going to pass to the west of us though.
  11. Just to say that this is my first post on here so hello to everyone in Yorkshire and surrounds. I'm looking forward to developments overnight and eagerly anticipating this visit from the 'polar low'.
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