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  1. So much for at 1500 the SE Will get pasted. Light flakes here in North Kent if I learnt anything it's never trust anyone on line who promises they have all the answers. Want Spring now
  2. I wasn't referring to anyone here at all it's a general term of phrase as we all know those sections in media those individuals who make weather forecasting a laughing stock. Here no one has told anything but truth in their hopes and subsequently disappointment or delight
  3. It's not a non event it's just some individuals groups and sites have ramped it up so much those who love cold and snow have been given unrealistic expectations and were made so excited and now let down as here in reality truth dawns. Those who have their dream enjoy
  4. All saying 4pm onwards as Metoffice says funny how you ignore part in text section where states as Northern counties cry off southern intensify. That fits what's happening out there lol
  5. Herne Bay on North Kent coast is very windy blowing in mix sleety snow some settling on roofs grass not cars its at present wet snow not the powdery of recent
  6. My understanding is Amber element is more to do with the ice it leaves in its wake?
  7. It's way it is people pick charts that suit their personal preferences coldies go for those that show maximum amount snow Warm lovers for those that show Heatwaves. Like a sweet shop and forgetting upgrades and downgrades inevitable before the true picture emerges
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