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  1. It really hasn't settled here which is a real shame. Hasn't been heavy enough. Can see up towards Afan valley and the hills are nice and white though ?
  2. The met office for Port Talbot says nothing, BBC pretty much has light snow until 5am. Plus the radar still has a huge patch of snow over us. I'm a little confused.
  3. The Met office and BBC forecast is so different for Port Talbot. Hope you guys all get some good snow!
  4. It has been trying in Port Talbot. It's wet snow and not that heavy sadly. Would be nice to see more over the next few hours.
  5. There are currently flakes of depression falling from the sky. Aka, it's sleet and mostly rain.
  6. The Met office is telling me it's raining. The radar says I'm in snow. The window disagrees with everyone. Yes, I'm still here watching ?
  7. I'm sat here looking out of my window getting sad. I'm a lunatic ? please, weather gods. Just a little bit, please!
  8. Absolutely nothing happening here. No rain, no snow. Just grey skies.
  9. If this doesn't change, and actually happens. I'll be so happy.
  10. Looks like the dreaded snow shadow for Port Talbot and Swansea is back. That's it. I'm moving!
  11. Met office says mostly rain now for Port Talbot ? I shall keep everything crossed, though. Pictures of other people's snow will help take the edge off my depression so please send lots tomorrow!
  12. It does actually look like it's trying really hard to snow in Port Talbot. Nice change from just rain!
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