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  1. Hi All , Always been a reader and a very minimal poster ! based in Borough Green north downs way so some hoping I'll get to see some of that snow this week . Still learning everything and appreciate everyone's efforts. Alex
  2. Yes very ! having to go sevenoaks then taxi home to borough green . no trains to east Kent till tomorrow
  3. I'm stuck in bromley ....work seem to think the trains are fine and only first 2 are cancelled..... don't think they understand they wont just all cancel....
  4. I have heavy snow forecast from midday till 11pm tonight in Borough green - From metoffice website
  5. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar looking at the radar is looks as anything forming over Calais will come over SE - Hopefully it builds rather than fizzling out
  6. Had one myself from Rugby and thought i was fine until later that night and had probably the worst headache ive ever had and turned out i had concussion.
  7. I've said she needs to go to A&E to be seen to and her work said they would take her. She doesn't want to go but always better being safer than sorry. Cut her hands also.. Feel hopeless as in London
  8. Already had the other half calling in tears... Sheet ice in Tunbridge Wells....Slipped and smashed the back of her head and she was in boots!..... not safe out there at all
  9. Looks like it's turning... @Steve Murr can confirm.... sorry about notifications haha
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