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  1. Awesome thunder and lightning in Cheshire East, 10 miles away in Stoke they're having power outages
  2. Models for me have been bob on so far, 20c here in Cheshire. Let's hope those amazing uppers transform into amazing 2m temps.
  3. Desperately need footballing knowledge upstairs to guide Ole. Compare the structure to somewhere like Munich who have Hoeneß, Rummenigge and Salihamidžić as DOF and we are pathetic. Big club financially, small club mentality on the footballing side.
  4. Biscuits should have seen red and if Smalling had any brains cell he would of let Vidal clatter into him for a penalty....but he has no brain in his thick head. Got a few mates saying Barca were **** tonight.....no they were just casually strolling around in 2nd gear because we are useless. Liverpool will smash this lot it pains me to say it.
  5. Frustrating setup on the cards, we will be essentially in no mans land with a cold pool flirting with us to the W/NW and milder conditions wanting to come up from the south. As Matt has said, I've had it with chasing cold now so roll on Spring and Summer.
  6. Spot on for my area anyway. Hopefully the GFS will have this level of accuracy all year!
  7. In a way thats tougher than being drawn against City. You have to beat whats in-front of you though and we will go to Molineux confident of winning.
  8. Last night showed that we have a lot of work to do on the training ground, and more importantly in the transfer window over the summer. Up until the injuries to Tony and Jesse we were holding our own and kept possession quite well whilst not really threatening, but the subs killed the game and gave PSG the impetus. Mata is too slow and predictable now and will be off in the summer, Sanchez has been a disaster and should never have been signed in the first place. Neither fit the vision Solskjaer has. I thought PSG did very well in nullifying us going forward, they marked in packs and did quite the job on Pogba in the middle. Special mention to the ref, absolutely awful for both teams really with the majority of yellow cards laughable. Saying that if Pogba deserved a second yellow then why wasn't Kimpembe given his marching orders too?
  9. I want to say its over but with how poorly the models have performed so far I'm not discounting a return to cold yet....we've seen late snow before and it will happen again at some point. I'll take warm continental air over zonal westerly in a heartbeat, as modeled on the 0z
  10. Heavy snow on the road between Buxton and Stockport, all of that area seems to be affected with road closures in the peak district
  11. Heavy snow this morning just north / east of Leek. Parts of the A53 road to flash are covered, check out the winking man pubs webcam for a true picture of what its currently like.
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