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  1. Paul Faulkner

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Radar shows snow over Stoke right now.....look outside and nada!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nothing in Crewe or Stoke yet!
  3. Paul Faulkner

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Snow forecast from 12pm here in Stoke, mix of snow > sleet > snow and then rain as milder air pushes in. Tuesday looks to have had an upgrade from the BBC, now heavy snower showers for the area from the early hours.
  4. Paul Faulkner

    Premier League Discussion

    Turned out to be a very good player has Robertson, had my doubts about him when signed but he's proved me wrong.
  5. Arpege what are you doing!!! ICON not where I would want it so onto the 18z...fingers crossed its another upgrade!
  6. Is the reason for the poorer performance of the 06z the downturn in aircraft data at night being fed into the model? I know the GFS uses data from aircraft to feed its models but wondered if ECm did the same?
  7. GFS is like any other modelling system, its only as good as the data being fed into it......and there's no readable data for it to output.
  8. GFS needs to be ignored until the federal government shutdown ends, NWS don't have the manpower to accurately model currently. Lovely ECM run this morning, time to get excited?
  9. Paul Faulkner

    Premier League Discussion

    Delighted with the 3 points yesterday, I don't care how many shots Spurs had or how much possession they had...to quote Sir Alex 'Lads, it's Tottenham'. Time to crack on now, Brighton and Burnley at home and then Leicester and Fulham away which I will hope we come away with the full 12 points going into the PSG & Dippers matches. We need to help Citeh derail the dippers title aspirations, can't have them winning anything let alone the league. #mufc
  10. GFS seems to be consistently inconsistent in cold modelling
  11. I'm sure 12z / 18z will restore our faith in modelling and repair the damage done by the runs this morning.