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  1. Large heavy drops of rain here in the Surrey. Lightening and rumbles getting closer!!
  2. Well…. Our final night in Port Isaac before trekking back up the A303 to Surrey…. Think it could be a bit hairy down here overnight!!
  3. Well, the weather report from the North Cornwall coast for today couldn’t be any further from home…. Another beautiful Cornish summer’s day here…very respectable 22°c for much of the day in clear blue skies! Picked my parents up at Bodmin Parkway this afternoon, as they are joining us for our second week in Port Isaac. They said the rain was torrential when they left Haywards Heath at 9:30 this morning… Anyway folks… tomorrow we go on a boat trip… we will get to see the dolphins and pilot whales seen every day for the last week… the forecast suggests the weather will be kind so hopefully tomorrow evening I’ll be able to post a few sea based photos rather than a contented seagull, or two
  4. Enjoying the beginning of our second week in Port Isaac…lovely to be away from The Surrey Hills for a while! You couldn’t have wished for better weather last week, although at times it was a little too muggy! There was no calamitous breakdown here last night.. not much evidence of anything other than a light shower this morning. A dull morning led to beautifully clear summer skies along the North Cornwall coast by mid afternoon…was pleasantly warm (22°c) walking around Padstow and then much the same on our return to Port Isaac early evening. The forecast here looks much the same for the next few day it stays the same!! The first photo was what I believed was the last decent sunset last night in PI harbour.. very similar this evening! The others show the fantastic scenery we’ve enjoyed this week!
  5. My parents in Haywards Heath said there was a heavy downpour at about 5ish? We’re enjoying two weeks in Port Isaac, Cornwall where it has been another belting day today…although very hot upstairs in the house tonight!
  6. Proper thick snow flakes coming down moderately/ heavily in the Surrey Hills! IMG_5677.MOV
  7. @TomSE12 Thank you so much for running the competition, was great fun keeping an eye on it over the winter. I just wanted to pass on my heart felt wishes for you and your family at this very difficult time for you all. With my best wishes, John
  8. Well...MetO saying -4 tonight whilst Beeb saying -10 for Holmbury St Mary tonight.... and my watch saying it’ll get to -7... mmm quite a range. If the radar is right we might also get a snowy surprise as well? It looks like there’s some prolonged intensity as the direction changes
  9. It’s is the Thanet wind farm array, almost perfectly aligned with this satellite photo of the location
  10. Goodnight and good luck with the snow from late tomorrow and into Sunday and next week! The Euro4 is spot on... unfortunately I cannot get the images at the moment to attach Steve says Steve Murr is thinking of you all on here, especially @TomSE12 Au revoir!! John Edit: got the image
  11. I completely agree with you @kate1 I’ve literally just sent my message to the mods, in a reply a comment a made earlier today. I had expressed my unhappiness about a comment made about another member last night and other comments previously, Yet that comment was removed instantly! In private I expressed my unhappiness about comments made in this forum and was told that it would not be allowed!! However, clearly “beating off” over a weather girl is acceptable! However, in the same time I’m writing my response those same messages are probably being removed to prevent any repercussions! John
  12. Love reading your posts @tight isobar... they do make perfect sense when read a couple of times!
  13. Sunny, snowy and icy morning here in the Surrey Hills, Holmbury St Mary. Slight dusting overnight when the front dropped back through. No gritting gritting overnight by the look of it...
  14. Snowing again here in the Surrey Hills, Holmbury St Mary. Maybe a few CMs in the next couple of hours will be a nice top up for the morning
  15. Would definitely agree it’s an iPhone issue! I’ve never been able to see location details in landscape mode on my iPhone. Its a shame but obviously an Apple quirk
  16. Ended up with about 7cm I reckon in Holmbury St Mary... lovely sledging and snowman making snow!!
  17. Still coming down heavily here in Holmbury St Mary, but finer flakes and the sky lighter now...
  18. Surrey Hills snow shield officially broken now, it gave a good fight... but proper heavy snow falling here in Holmbury St Mary
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