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  1. Whilst the models aren't necessarily ALL in agreement, there world certainly appear to be more positive movement back towards the possibility of cold next weekend.... Given what the Mod thread is talking about this evening there's still possibly much to look forward to later next week..... All is not lost for cold and
  2. Some evidence of wet snow here in the Surrey Hills this evening!! Not a lot, but a little....
  3. Not even an sniffle of drizzle... Let alone sleet in the Surrey Hills
  4. Apart from half an hour or so of steady rain, the Surrey Hills have missed again....
  5. Just started raining in Holmbury St Mary.... Radar looks good here for the next hour or so.... Might get fruity And now stopped again... S
  6. Apart from 20 min this afternoon and 15 min this evening.... Surrey hills back to square one.... Hot sticky and no storms.....The snow dome repeated...
  7. Finally.... Guildford and the Surrey Hills sees the storm!! Heavy heavy rain.... Beautiful summer rain and storm....
  8. Been another lovely day in the Surrey Hills...albleit muggy and a little cloudy.... However.... four weeks of wall to wall sunshine .....Being a teacher we broke up today and as usual the weather is breaking down.... First week of the holidays looks naff...I blame a friend who said Sterling looked good in the 62 minute last night...
  9. Just got back to Holmbury St Mary from Guildford. A25 is treacherous, laying snow. On the road all the way and no evidence of gritting... Still very heavy here
  10. It was odd because on our local met office forecast this morning it had prolonged snow
  11. Think the problem is the difference between using a mobile and pc/ tablet.... Very easy to forget to put location when on mobile if you normally use pc/ tablet Holmbury St Mary
  12. Clearly the MetO are being very bullish for Holmbury St Mary tonight.... ATM Temp 0c dp -3
  13. I'm guessing about 5cm here in Holmbury St Mary. My 8 year old daughter who yesterday morning said "Daddy, it's not going to snow", is now up and dressed and ready for sledging.....
  14. Looking like you're going to get properly dumped on according to Steve M's last pic