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  1. Respect your POV, but both have equally accepted scientific basis...hey hum, at the end of the day neither is actually wrong... .. Also apologies.... Not quite sure where the "Christmas pudding" reference popped up in my original reply... Predictive text of some obscure nature 🙄🙄
  2. But that's only to make the meteorological statistics simpler to analyse ie splitting the seasons into equal quarters based upon the months of the year, solely based upon the Gregorian calendar. However, geographically and astronomically, due to the earth's tilt and distance from the sun during the year the dates of the astronomical seasons are based upon physics/ observations that underpinned the calculations of the Julian calendar. It's not really an "old chestnut" it's based upon scientific fact... The metrological seasons have only been established for convenience of establishing seasonal/ monthly statistics within a specified time frame in the christmas pudding for the benefit of commerce and various weather reliant industries, whereas the physics of the astronomical seasons cannot be changed and are fixed by our tilt, speed of orbit around the sun and speed of rotation. And yes, everyone might have a "take" on it, but as a geographer, scientist and historian, you can't escape physics. Therefore, I'll stand by my original point that winter doesn't end until around or on 21st March.
  3. Doesn't astronomical winter end on or about the 21st march? Five weeks left then....
  4. A friend just sent me this pic from outside his brother's house in California. He lives near lake Tahoe and loves snow.... At any other time than this... Due on a flight to the UK tomorrow,... But six foot of snow is going to hamper his efforts... And we can't get through 4 inches 😂😂
  5. It was so nice to arrive home this evening to find on our doorstep a card from one of the young people we'd helped up the hill outside our house last night. We then were able to drive then in to Dorking, as we had a 4x4. We didn't expecting anything, but the thank you cards just show camaraderie is alive and kicking throughout the country.
  6. Still very much like that here too... Some epic sledging in the morning given the freeze tonight!!
  7. It really was amazing today on the roads around Holmbury... And an awesome sunset from outside the Parrot in Forest Green, which was below the snowline!!
  8. The most beautiful place to live.
  9. Just had a message from a friend, she said the a25 was clear to Dorking, so guessing it's clear the other way as well.
  10. Reckon you're right there KW, it'll look awesome... You'll be able to clearly see the snow line as well....Not sure what the a25 will be like.... But the lane outside our house is clear and doesn't get much use early on a Saturday morning.
  11. Right... Ready for snowballs, sledging a pub walk and rugby today... Rinse and repeat for tomorrow me thinks, just no rugby.
  12. Reckon Newlands Corner might be even better? Beautiful or of the window this morning
  13. Have a great time!!
  14. Its a great bonus....a proper snow day tomorrow.... May you wake up to similar snow!!