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  1. Watched them many times great team especially in the Big Sam days.... My best mate's nan was married to Nat's brother, who was arguably a better footballer than Nat. Nat was a lovely man, I met him a couple of times and always had so much time to talk to people, even a Brighton fan when they were on the brink!! Sorry to go OT but no storm here.....
  2. Me and the whole family sitting in the garden watching it come our way
  3. Stuck up between Leith and Holmbury Hills we haven't seen anything so far..... Breeze is picking up though....
  4. In Serre Chevalier at the moment. 15cm overnight at 1400m, 80cm at 2000m and a whopping 100cm at 2800m... Only supposed to have been rain at 1400m and below, so much better than the resort forecast was saying even yesterday afternoon. Awesome skiing this morning, although very poor visibility and v.high avalanche risk. Think some resorts only a 30-50km away have had significantly more, we were on the trailing edge... But it's going to be a cracking bluebird day tomorrow
  5. Apparently a brief heavy snow shower in the Surrey Hills this morning..... But then I'm in this in the southern French Alps, epic snow day today!!
  6. Well maybe winter has a last hurrah before the equinox.... Let's hope so there was certainly a sleety element to what was falling when I drove home from Dorking earlier.... Was looking at the mad thread earlier and there's more swinging than a party in the 1970s.... But the gist seems that there is potential for some winteriness especially further north.... But wouldn't take much of correction south surely??? After all @TomSE12 has posted some fantastic pictures of snow events in March and April from all over the SE over the years... Anyway I'm crossing all appendages in the run up to leading my school ski trip to Serre Chevalier at the end of the month...
  7. Weather station in my garden is saying 20.2°c at the moment in Holmbury St Mary....
  8. Oh ok..... That's a shame.... The reason I like coming in to this forum, isn't just for the weather related comments but also for light hearted, down to earth, chat that people have on day to day basis...... Goats, melons, cucumbers and most importantly @TomSE12's life, history and weather....but more importantly the fact that people feel that they can talk about normal day to day things with other normal people..... Yes weather related maybe, but more often than not...... But at the end of the day if people just can't talk in whatever "forum" they've got friends they feel comfortable talking to then you may as well just delete the thread entirely........ This will almost certainly get deleted but hey hum...
  9. Whilst over in the MAD thread there's more interest in the collapsing of the threads than the weather
  10. Respect your POV, but both have equally accepted scientific basis...hey hum, at the end of the day neither is actually wrong... .. Also apologies.... Not quite sure where the "Christmas pudding" reference popped up in my original reply... Predictive text of some obscure nature
  11. But that's only to make the meteorological statistics simpler to analyse ie splitting the seasons into equal quarters based upon the months of the year, solely based upon the Gregorian calendar. However, geographically and astronomically, due to the earth's tilt and distance from the sun during the year the dates of the astronomical seasons are based upon physics/ observations that underpinned the calculations of the Julian calendar. It's not really an "old chestnut" it's based upon scientific fact... The metrological seasons have only been established for convenience of establishing seasonal/ monthly statistics within a specified time frame in the christmas pudding for the benefit of commerce and various weather reliant industries, whereas the physics of the astronomical seasons cannot be changed and are fixed by our tilt, speed of orbit around the sun and speed of rotation. And yes, everyone might have a "take" on it, but as a geographer, scientist and historian, you can't escape physics. Therefore, I'll stand by my original point that winter doesn't end until around or on 21st March.
  12. Doesn't astronomical winter end on or about the 21st march? Five weeks left then....
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