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  1. Hope the radar forecast on Home and Dry is wrong... it shows the storm hitting the south coast and then just spreading between 11-midnight and not pushing inland
  2. Just got back this afternoon from our 5 (which turned into 6) night trip to Leamington, Swansea and Bath with my parents. Had a lovely time, two amazing restaurants in Swansea, a day at The Mumbles and a day in Tenby... missed the storms there on Monday as we left just as they were starting... Bath was so nice we paid for an extra night in a posh hotel rather than the premier inn!! Did the tourist thing and took the open top bus tours, played mini golf and had a great tapas meal in a restaurant owned by friends of my sister. Thank goodness for hotel air con is all i can say though!! We were supposed to stay a little longer today but my mum had a funny turn when we were taking the cases back to the car this morning! She has low BP and went very faint... we think it was heat exhaustion/ stroke from yesterday but she maintains it was something from breakfast. It was like she was having a stroke, so got an ambulance but they gave her the all clear and we came straight home! Very worrying, especially for our daughter to see! Anyway... the weather... We missed the thunder here in Holmbury St Mary earlier... watched it building over this way as we drove back from Haywards Heath, got back here no rain at the top of the hills, some in HSM lots of rumbles!! Checked the radar when we got in and it all seemed to have bubbled up over us! Hope it comes tonight
  3. Well the weather has turned here in the Surrey Hills. Cold and dreary by 8:45 tonight.
  4. Maybe..... probably not... although the height and location are favourable here! This is clearly the blob that might give a few flakes....?
  5. If the forecast tonight comes off (never known the bbc app to be accurate here before mind!) I might get a photo if there’s anything left and there might a winner in category 1 @TomSE12....
  6. Well, just maybe, just maybe.... category 1 may be “settled” next week....
  7. Well a bit of an SE Region Bus Man’s holiday here.... left the Surrey Hills at 10 this morning to come to Folkestone for a trip to Port Lypme and then some retail therapy at McArthur Glen in Ashford..... unfortunately the M20 didn’t play nice this morning and we were stuck for the best part of an hour around Maidstone... so switched the tickets for PL until tomorrow and the wife and daughter shopped this afternoon instead! Staying at the BW Clifton Hotel in Folkestone tonight.... food, service and downstairs are flawless... the rooms are a little tired though... Glad we changed the days around as when we arrived in Folkestone the weather was foul for a good couple of hours.... calmed down now... so roll on the Zoo tomorrow...
  8. Delete What I previously posted... ooops sorry folks.... for some reason this is in the South Sw thread not the SE.... my apologies!!
  9. Wind picked up again and lightening in the Surrey Hills.... just looked at the radar... big blob just about to pass over...
  10. Reckon the wind is actually gusting stronger here in the Surrey Hills than it was last weekend...
  11. Hi @TomSE12 I forgot to add a forecast area and pressure for my entry in category 2, I had provided a date. I shall go for Bailey/ 977mb All the best, John
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