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  1. Stopped snowing in Canterbury around 5 this evening and no showers since, Not much left now, can't complain it is march
  2. -1 with driving drizzle the type that gets your really wet lol It's miserable to say the leaat
  3. Yes, I saw an sat imagine posted eariler, where from sandwich to dover was green a few miles nw and west was white. Canterbury and areas sw of here did very well from the streamer that set up eariler in the week. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying this has been a memorable winter at all, to be honest, it's been horrible, cold but not cold enough for snow, grey, miserable, and what feels like a very long winter. In my previous posts I'm just talking about this Cold snap. Mother nature has shown us it's Still capable enough to bring deep cold to the uk, and just enough of a taste to keep the fires burning inside for a repeat of historic winter from the past, to keep me coming back searching (I must be mental) Anyway who said it's finished with us just yet,
  4. I'm thinking the same, I'm not at work tomorrow, so Iet the cold spell go out with a bang cause havoc. Ha ha
  5. I have to admit if the snow was of a wetter kind i think it would have been mayhem, the fact the snow has been so dry has help Just to add, I've been out driving this evening, just different places locally probably a 10 mile radius from home, with varying amounts of snow in such a small area, really shows how localised the amount of snow you get is
  6. Described perfectly, I didn't know how to, haha Little showers of the above in Canterbury on and off
  7. I don't agree with this at all, yes the media over hype this and probably interview many people and use the few that are nearly in tears, There are many people still around that shrug it off and just get on with it, there's more media coverage now and the media love drama. Can you imagine the news reader saying "well they said the beast from the east was coming, well it be honest it's been sh*t, so we're going to ignore it". Anyway, For me this has been a great little spell and will definitely stick with me. I didnt get a great deal of snow from it, probably 10cm but with thaw never really had more then 1 or 2 inches on the ground. The brutal feel of that wind last night was unbelievable, I have never experienced cold/windchill like it in this country at least, very memorable. The media again over hyped the sea freezing story, but to see the sea almost like a slush puppy in the surf is also quite remarkable. I'll probably go back to lerking in the shadows again now ha ha
  8. Light flurry just outside canterbury mainly the odd few in the wind
  9. Still snowing here in Canterbury drifting in the strong breeze
  10. Just had a quick sled down tankerton slopes, I only had 1 go, great Fun, but the wind is brutal, it takes your breathe away. Like nothing I've ever experienced in the UK. -5 on the drive home, with cloud cover very impressive.
  11. I believe that convective shower aren't always pick up by the models, Got to -8 last night, sitting at -4 at the moment, herne bay