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  1. No worries mate, wasn't a dig, but hopefully people that don't seem to notice that may look for it now
  2. A mistake not at all, but over the last 10 years of model watching I and others have noticed a correction west on the models the nearer we get to t0 is often seen
  3. Great discussion in here tonight @feb1991blizzard, @bluearmy, @CreweCold. I'm not knowledgeable enough to add anything further but great read whilst we have a lull in the hunt
  4. Am I right in saying the warmer air was suppose to reaching us by the weekend, where as now it's been pushed back until the middle of next week? Always the same in a blocked pattern the models always want to blow the block away, but the warmer air gets delayed further each run as the models realise the blocks going nowhere fast.
  5. Icon 0z at +150 Scandy high looking more organised but is the low trying to go over the top?
  6. Is there a website where i can compare different models without having to keep switching tabs?
  7. @BLAST FROM THE PAST would you and @chionomaniac both be thinking along the same lines?
  8. 0z icon at 120 doesn't look to bad,
  9. Great chart @tinybill plenty of ppn around, hopefully as we get nearer the time uppers become even more conductive for snow
  10. Might be wrong but maybe a northerly incoming on the 0z
  11. The rain here in canterbury is crazy had a few hefty showers with lighting earlier, haven't heard any thunder for the last hour, but heavy rain constantly with some intense downpours It's going to get very busy on here very soon, if what the people in the model thread are dicussing comes off ❄❄❄
  12. Looks like the high is further nw of the british isles slightly early on this run
  13. I've been reading along for the last month or so, I can't really add much to the technical discussion. However, I've been reading every winter since about 2010. In winter's past when reading along we have always needed everything to fall perfectly into place to get the sort of charts that are being shown atm in Fi, if it didn't fall perfectly into place we normally miss out all together with the gfs normally reverting to zonal mush. Seems at the moment though even if things don't look prefect eariler on we are still seeing the cold charts in fi. Which can only be a good thing. I maybe talking total rubbish, just my own opinion, don't really post much in here.