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  1. Looks like a few more showers developing in the channel that could effect further east into kent, but temps just to high at the mo.
  2. Here in canterbury it's a barmy 4c with dew points not much better. Oh and drizzle, it's grim
  3. Just dropped below freezing here in canterbury. Not sure on dew piont. Unless there's a rise in temps as the front approaches. Surely it's got to be all snow.
  4. It's your location mate I'm afraid, surrounded by sea within a few miles on 3 sides of thanet Further west in Canterbury them symbols are all snow
  5. Welsh population 3.1m Yorkshire And The Humber population 5.4m Population of London (inside the M25) 8.1m Simple fact that it effects a lot more people that's why it's covered more
  6. I'm in the same boat as you @ICE COLDim very much a learner and @stodge post is from a far knowledge person. But wasn't the draining of that part of the pv or not as it's turned out so far all down to the evolution of the failed easterly and the pv moving into scandi?
  7. I'm no expert but surely it wouldn't be a toppler, due to the low highs in main land Europe the high would turn into a scandi high pressure? If I'm wrong if someone could put me right will help the learning process
  8. More snow I've recently discovered the ignore button, makes the thread a more pleasent read, highly recommended lol
  9. No worries mate, wasn't a dig, but hopefully people that don't seem to notice that may look for it now ?
  10. A mistake not at all, but over the last 10 years of model watching I and others have noticed a correction west on the models the nearer we get to t0 is often seen
  11. Great discussion in here tonight @feb1991blizzard, @bluearmy, @CreweCold. I'm not knowledgeable enough to add anything further but great read whilst we have a lull in the hunt
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