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  1. Well I'm in a amber zone and it is snowing but not heavy really can't see this being any great depth unless this picks up
  2. Just snuck in the Amber warning in gorleston Norfolk fingers crossed we get some
  3. Starting to get the feeling this is going to be a bust for me, been excited all week get to 2 days before and once again looks like I may miss out
  4. I just want enough snow so my 5 year old daughter who has seen snow once when was 1 can build a snow man and be out while it snows after that it can do whatever it wants, hopefully we will all do well
  5. Not that I can see they just seem more worried about it ending before its arrived
  6. Regional news under playing this look east just said 5-10 cm the models seem to show this and more?
  7. They won't be using the latest chars they will be from the poor run for us yesterday before it changed and had us back in the game
  8. Apologies if this is wrong place to ask but as a newbie can someone explain to me what the ecm mean., means please? How is it different from the ecm?, thanks
  9. Had bugger all here in the east and it doesn't look like that will change this time either, tbh think us can write another winter off this way
  10. Snow moderate in great yarmouth starting to lay on grass etc and if it keeps up can see it starting to lay on the roads too
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