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  1. It's really strange looking at that radar we should be absolutely plastered here but all there is is a few flakes in the wind every half hour or so its bizarre . I could understand a blob being wrong. But its showing all of Norfolk covered and nothing and its showing as intensifying with yellows but nada
  2. I'm under that green blob in east Anglia now and it's not even got 1 flakes coming down. Think its radar showing things that aren't there
  3. Don't get excited in under that blob now few flakes of any coming down I think the radar is struggling
  4. Think the radar is showing snow that isn't there I'm right under that green blob over east Anglia and it's not even snowing yet the radar suggests heavy showers ??
  5. From what's been forecast it's not looking great for us hoping a surprise comes along but at the moment doesn't look like much on offer
  6. Had a few showers this morning but stopped and looking at radar not much more to come. Not looking good for snow here in great yarmouth on east coast
  7. Fingers crossed it can clip us would love one more last hurahh before we lose the beast
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