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  1. Pretty sure I just felt a flake of snow fall in Dorking. Not sure if I am going mad or not...
  2. Yeah, just heard that (near Nailsworth) Now there’a some crazy hail and wind has really picked up again.
  3. Gone super dark in Dorking and rain picked up. The wind has dropped though ??.
  4. After a bit of a lull for an hour or so the wind has picked up again here in Dorksville
  5. As someone without a garden - which house is responsible for which fence. Or is it a shared responsibility?
  6. Yep, sounds like you will be staring down the barrel of this storm a little later. I guess I am more sheltered down here at the foot of Deepdene and the Surrey Hills to the southwest. I should be doing my freelance work but very distracted by the forum!
  7. The gusts are definitely strengthening here (just to the south of Dorking town centre). The longest side of my building (first-floor maisonette) is SSW facing so getting a bit of a battering.
  8. Looks like the Isle of Wight might be cut off at some point today
  9. Looks like the Isle of Wight might be cut off at some point today Edit: (Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread but it’s nearby so quite interesting)
  10. Just got woken up by a beast of a thunder clap in Dorking. Never been so happy to feel some fresh air. Been lucky to have something down on the Isle of Wight and now up at home. This one isn’t quite the same though!
  11. Just a taster as I really need to sleep now(Portsmouth from the Island)
  12. Wherever this thing goes you are in for an absolute treat. 2 hours in and still going strong. Constant lightning, the. You think it’s moving off and then the wind and rain pick up and then you are back in it. Got to be up in about 5 hours to go paddleboarding...
  13. In Seaview on the Isle of Wight (should I be in this thread? I am usually in Surrey!) and we have had a light show to the south for about an hour. Getting closer now and now starting to hear the rumbling thunder! Not going to sleep much tonight.... Dorking has missed out on all the storms so far so very excited about this!
  14. These photos do not do any kind of justice to tonight’s sunset. Taken from Ranmore Common near Dorking.
  15. I try and do two classes a week but can’t say I enjoy it. I live for the feeling afterwards though. Just walking home and there are a few drops of rain falling. Very very welcome as the spin studio was like a sauna!
  16. I was thinking that - it’s a bit later than I would like to stay up for but still get enough sleep! Also, my spinning class will wipe me out. Looks like Dorking and Epsom could be in the sweet spot this time. Fingers crossed ??
  17. Been a few rumbles/claps of thunder in Dorking. Rain very heavy right now...
  18. I wasn’t even supposed to be in Dorking today - I had to buy some new ski gloves as my mine have disappeared since my last trip to snowy North America last year!
  19. There is snow on Box Hill - not sure if there’s as much as Newlands Corner though.
  20. Ah, I am very happy the hills have had so much snow. Any other Saturday and I would be out there playing in it. This time I am off to Banff where they have a snow storm bringing 10-40cms! Will be interesting to see if we land in Calgary where scheduled to do so, or somewhere else in Canada instead.
  21. How’s Holmbury SM looking? Left Dorking just as it started settling earlier and have been stressing about packing for the -20 and below temps in the Canadian Rockies and having nowhere near enough space in my suitcase!
  22. Purely selfishly... no thanks ?. Tonight was fun and all and we have a goodish covering in Dorking but I have a plane to catch on Saturday. The snow lover in me... bring it on ?
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