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  1. In Dorking and have just heard a distant rumble of thunder. We had tropical rain showers about an hour.
  2. Still building to the north... we were short changed last night in mid Surrey so hoping we get something this evening.
  3. Clouds bubbling up to the north of Leatherhead, Surrey. Photo doesn’t do their size justice!
  4. I hope so but I am slightly less obessed about it this time - I don’t have a flight to catch and was looking for a dramatic story to tell because of the BFTE Mark 1 and Storm Emma (which I guess I got!). Would love to see some snow on the ground for my birthday tomorrow!
  5. Sitting between Box and Holmbury Hills I got a bit excited there... ohhhh, you mean the Kentish North Downs
  6. That’s not a road I would fancy driving in snowy conditions . Still quite light down in Dorking.
  7. Sorry to butt in... the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding beauty was designated in 1958. So the term is at least 60 years old. I have lived here all my life (35 years as of tomorrow) but it seemed to me like they make more of a thing of it with the wooden sculptures and signs about a decade or so ago.
  8. I remember that - I had to walk from Leatherhead to Cobham for work (horrible boss made me do it and I was too much of a wuss to argue). Had to help people with stranded cars and there was a grittier stuck in a ditch near Pachesham.
  9. Light snow in Dorking going any which way but down....
  10. It’s mine tomorrow. 35 years and I am pretty sure it has not snowed on or around my birthday. Could be wrong though. It was 20+ degrees one year (possibly 2007 or 08).
  11. And over Heathrow way...
  12. Overlooking over London from the very sunny and warmish Epsom Downs
  13. Some lovely wet snow from Boston, USA last week... the cold weather is definitely following me around as I have just got back from there! Fingers crossed for a snowy birthday on Sunday!
  14. Hi! I finally made it to the USA late on Friday night after spending 3 hours on the tarmac at Heathrow following closed runways and two plane deicings. I spent a unexpected night it California (not too shoddy!). Spent today skiing in the Pacific North West with snow falling where it was supposed to be - in the mountains! I know it is not regional to the SE but I it is now looking like my trip to Boston (spending four nights there on my way back home) may be affected by up to 12 inches of snow overnight on Wednesday into Thursday. So if any of you want to see snow back in the SE I will be back on Monday and it seems to be following me !! A bit delayed but thanks to all the experts who were a wealth of information over the incredibly cold snap!