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  1. About the same here in Dorking although it isn’t snowing anymore. Considering I wasn’t expecting anything despite nearly constant light snow for over 36 hours, it is lovely to wake up to. A couple of pictures from my walk yesterday on Holmwood Common and the car park this morning (which was half clear/half a very small drift when I went to bed).
  2. Got back from my 10-mile walk and jumped in the shower, when I got out it really pepped up and is now starting to settle on the grass and roof. We did really well on the 24th in Dorking so happy with whatever we get this go around.
  3. Yeah, I live to the south east of Dorking so I am always walking in and around Brockham!
  4. Betchworth Golf Club, still not really interested in settling but a few flakes aren’t melting on impact IMG_7078.MOV
  5. Snow is a teensy bit heavier now but the skies were beautiful above Brockham about five minutes ago!
  6. Very light snow flying around in the very heavy wind here in Dorking. There was a bit of a mad flurry but now back to a few flakes blowing on the wind.
  7. In the great snow of 2009 I worked at the Fat Face in Cobham. I had the world’s worst boss at the time and she made me walk to work from Leatherhead. I was young(ish), naive and stupid so I did what she asked. We sold one pair of boots that day so totally worth it . My distinct memory was of a a gritting lorry stuck in a ditch near Leatherhead dump!
  8. Same with my road/estate in Dorking. It didn’t thaw that much at all yesterday afternoon and the snow was compacted by people walking a few cars. My MOT was booked in for today but I figured it wouldn’t pass if it was in a ditch on one the local rural roads so I postponed it. I am hoping the sun helped with the thaw today.
  9. How did that standing sheep remain snow free ? Are they the sheep on Rose Hill?
  10. I thought about walking there but thought it would be a bit busier. Leith Hill wasn’t too bad.
  11. Here is a video of the heaviest fall closer to the back of the front. FullSizeRender.mov
  12. Pictures really don’t do it justice... started walking up towards Leith Hill about 8am and grapple started about twenty minutes later. Then it snowed heavily until about a hour ago ago. At top of Leith Hill it wasn’t falling as big fluffy flakes but on the way up and down it was glorious! The branches were heavily laden with snow and struggling under the weight. 10 miles and a few hours later and I am exhausted but grinning from ear to ear! I haven’t seen snow like this in the area for years.
  13. Started snowing on the side of Coldharbour hill. Mainly grapple (sp?)
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