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  1. FlightlessWings

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Still falling sporadically to 100 metres (we are walking the dogs).
  2. FlightlessWings

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    (A few) Snow flakes falling on the top of Box Hill!
  3. It was a still from a video so cheating a bit. It was never really overhead here, just rumbled to the south west and then the north east! Best storm we have had though (we have had one night with three loud rumbles of thunder all summer).
  4. Over the ENE from east Dorking
  5. Thunder and lightning to the north east of Dorking and this to the west
  6. Second picture going under and first picture coming out the other side!
  7. Six flashes and rumbles and counting. Double the amount we have had this year so far
  8. Flash o’ lightning followed by a distant rumble of thunder in Dorking
  9. I quite often mistake planes taking off at Gatwick for thunder! Sky’s gone all kind of atmospheric and yellowish here.
  10. On the edge in Dorking. About 10 drops of rain about 7pm. Nothing since then. Edit to add this is looking WNW
  11. I usually post in the South East thread but I am on the eastern side of the Island at the moment. We’ve completely missed the rain but looking over to the west there have been some pretty amazing skies...
  12. Drove through some rain around Liphook. Arrived in Portsmouth and heading to a cloudless isle of Wight
  13. Can I mention the earthquake here? There has been now exciting weather of note but the 3.1 magnitude earthquake was quite exciting...
  14. Ridiculously humid on my walk to work this morning. A thunder warning has been issued for most of the south east!
  15. Over Dorking now. It rained on my walk to work this morning and I have to say I had missed it (a little). It had that real summer rain smell and evaporated right after falling pretty much.