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  1. Car thermometer read -11 at 8am here. Spent a good 15 minutes defrosting it then couldn't get it off the drive!
  2. That very slow moving area of snow over Hampshire is edging this way just enough to catch the edge of it 😀
  3. Easily 12+ cm of laying snow here since 9pm last night but what's falling now is the heaviest so far. When will it end?😁
  4. Still experencing moderate snowfall here in NE Wiltshire, pretty surprised to be honest! Radar wasn't looking too encouraging earlier.
  5. Still snowing nicely here south of Marlborough but looks like it will fizzle out soon. Definitely at the higher end of my expectations! Work is closed too so all good 👍
  6. The heavier the snow the less likely you'll be able to sleep. But, handily, the heavier the snow the less likely you'll be able to get to work for it to matter 🙂
  7. Latest met forecast (6pm) is still showing 7 hours of heavy snow between 10pm and 4am. Weird.
  8. Exactly what I'm thinking now unfortunately (for us). Hopefully there's a reasonable chance of 2nd round later on?
  9. Don't write this off just yet guys - local forecasts are still looking good (including Frome!). It's unusual to see large swathes of red or orange snow on the radar to be fair - the yellow is still pretty heavy!
  10. Good evening south-westerners! It's been mad in here today - I haven't been able to keep up. Mind you I was at work, which doesn't help. Witih any luck the local roads will be impassable tomorrow 🙂 No sign of snow yet in my neck of the woods but it's been utterly bitter all day. Anyway fingers crossed we get a few cm tonight. Forecast still looking good but heavier stuff not expected until 9pm. Thanks for all your updates and banter, I'm usually just a lurker but thought I should show my face for once. Hope you all are able to enjoy it and that none of us are too disappointed in the morning!
  11. Just a few photos taken round the village this morning...
  12. Morning update: 13 hours of continuous snow in my corner of Wiltshire since 7pm last night has left a covering of 12-15cm everywhere! Definitely more than the main event two weeks ago and that wasn't too shabby either. Will have to go for a walk and take some pics as it looks amazing out there!
  13. I'm half way between Andover and Marlborough and it's been snowing steadily since I got back from Devon at about 7pm. Wasn't expecting anything much but it's settling nicely