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  1. Very chilly here in mid Louth. Cold night ahead. A night for the fire.
  2. Bad snow here past two hours, if such a thing exists? Fairly accumalating I must say. Looks like more heavy stuff still on the way. Although the ice around the window sills and roofs did thaw.
  3. Atrocious conditions here now in Louth and Meath, you can't drive in it, spells of whiteout due to snow drifting. Snowing all morning, more to come. Icicles on cars.
  4. Alright sure Mountain, have no red warning then somebody dies when a tree full of snow falls on top of them, then all the people lose their heads and blame the weather office and the Irish government for not having a red warning. You can't win either way.
  5. Shocking weather here now, blinding snow and it has not even met Storm Emma yet. Hard to see. Another few inches last night. Between now and Friday afternoon who knows? I have a feeling this could be pretty bad for Munster/Leinster. Chances of more thunderstorm activity tonight with the blizzard.
  6. Reports of thundersnow in County Cork, would love some of that here. So jealous.
  7. Well they are seeing a front meeting polar air so of course it will turn to snow.
  8. Took the dog for a walk around 7PM, good snow showers then, it seems to snow every half an hour here tonight, another shower now. Plus the wind is causing the snow to blow around and drift, i've never felt snow so soft. Very quiet here, haunting to be out.
  9. Irish government basically telling everybody to be home tomorrow by 4PM and to not go outside due to blizzard like conditions.. Mmm we'll see. Almost sounded like an order.
  10. Has not snowed in mid-louth since around 7am. Around 3 inches fell here. The odd streamer may come through today but I don't think it will snow as much as they say. Isle Of Man blocking some showers.
  11. Status Red here on east coast of Ireland. Schools off, no work etc. Buses off. My back step...
  12. Small coating of snow now in mid-louth... was not sticking this afternoon but it is now.
  13. Confused with this .. Met Eireann said that 'Storm Emma' will come into effect at 3pm on Tuesday and remain in place until 11am on Wednesday. Do they not mean the storm on Friday is storm Emma???
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