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  1. I remember when I parked my car next to the Royal in Deal and went on holiday. Next thing I knew Deal was on the news as a huge storm had hit, snow, high winds, the lot! The sea came over and trashed said car, it was phenomenal, wrecked The Royal forefront and they had to start the renovation again. Must have been in the nineties when I lived there. Happy days! Right, so (lie to me if you have too) is it possible we may get some more snow in East Kent?
  2. Really hope so, missed out last time. Light snow in Sandwich but feels much colder than this morning, ground is drying up too which bodes well. Only had a dusting this morning but it still looked pretty.
  3. I had my snowy walk, so very happy. Thank you to everyone on this thread, you are all amazing!
  4. Yay!!!! Snowing and laying! Hurrah! Hope it keeps up so I can get one snowy walk.
  5. I am so happy for you, not often Deal gets so much as a flake! Take pictures, when it's gone it's gone. Hope it makes it's way to Sandwich too.
  6. Fingers crossed. I would love to have one good crunchy snowy walk round my town, take a few pictures. Small pellets here, am I right in thinking that's called graupel?
  7. The roads are crazy. They look wet but are covered in sheer ice, there should be more warnings out. This is more dangerous than snow.
  8. It IS freezing rain!!!! Oh my goodness, it's like a rink where it's landed and garden furniture has a glass coating. Phenomenal, so glad I have seen this!
  9. Yup, fine rain in Sandwich and the little snow I have is shrinking. One day,that's all I wanted. One. Snowy. Day. Oh well, there is always next year.
  10. I am fully expecting to be still under the green bit by the end of today, just our little bit, made of teflon I tells ya!
  11. Schools here have done the same, so we have a snow day even if no snow, so yippee to that!
  12. K, last chance today, I would just love to see a covering, I'm still in the green bit of Kent. Who knows eh, there is still hope and if it doesn't snow this is still a fantastic cold snap. Due in London tomorrow, will wake up and see how the trains look in the morning.
  13. Is there any hope for Sandwich? We've had two light dustings but remain mostly snow free. Could it? Might it?
  14. Light dusting in Sandwich, at this point anything is a bonus. Just looks so pretty floating about in the wind. When I was a kid I used to watch the snow for so long that I could see it when I closed my eyes! Love the stuff, magical.
  15. Now when you say areas that haven't had great deal yet you're thinking Sandwich? Right? Right?
  16. Teflon coating still holding in Sandwich, phew! Yup, that was sarcasm. C'mon! I want my pretty back! I want to catch pokemon in the snow! I want a snow day!
  17. K, so there is still snope (snow hope) for East Kent, yay! Sure you guys have seen this but I LOVE this site that shows the winds across the globe. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-354.91,47.95,2531/loc=-13.973,48.913
  18. We are still under amber until ten, I am assuming that's for the other areas that were pummelled, clearish skies here.
  19. Ah, sounds the same as us, came down just after midnight. So close but so far! At least he should arrive safely. Loving snow and living in a teflon zone is like supporting a rubbish team at football. I love football but I know my team will never do well. Maybe this time, maybe, maybe.....no...not this time. Still always next season! Chin up.
  20. Very light dusting in Sandwich so no snow day for me, great to hear other people had a boat load! Anyone know what it's like Dover way, other half has just set off. What are the thoughts on Thursday/Friday, great to see we are keeping the cold.
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