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  1. Echoed my sentiments - I drive a work vehicle and it's a Corsa car van and yes we get in drilled into us about how low the tread needs to be for tyres to get changed.
  2. I agree that most RTA's are avoidable (the amount idiots on the roads til late last night trying to drive about in dire conditions) but that said I attempted to go out somewhere at tea time yesterday and rapidly changed my mind as the main roads in Scunthorpe were ice rinks. Not everyone can have 4 x 4 stored somewhere for a few days of snow a year. My partner had to work from home for a few days earlier in the month because he works at Lincoln Hospital and the A15 was shut due to drifting snow, he wouldn't feel that comfortable with having to work from home time and again. As for my vehicle,
  3. Just had a little walk out and it's mad to see the drifts that are halfway up my shins next to the odd bone dry patch of concrete, a good blanket has been dumped, more than BFTE 1. Lots of icicle on the house when I went out the back to put some bird feed out.
  4. Winter wonderland in Scunthorpe good and proper! The road behind the fence in the photo is acdusk carriageway buried under the snow and the footpath on the far side of it appears to be under a huge snowdrift!
  5. Some crazy blizzards hitting Scunthorpe tonight, wind really blowing out there.
  6. Roads are horrific out, Scunthorpe is like an ice rink including major roads, accidents everywhere from here to Humber Bridge because of it. Police are getting the gritters to come out to the A15 because no gritting has been attempted today. Car was sliding around at times and scares me to death - glad to be safely back home,stay indoors tonight if you can peeps.
  7. My fed up cat wishing the snow would go and spring would make an appearance :-)
  8. Accumulating in North Lincs now as the intensity of the sun has gone. Just put some stuff in the bin outside and the cold really made me skin throb. I think drifting could be a nuisance but in Lincolnshire again, I drove across the wolds a week after the last snow and was amazed at the volume of drifts and ploughed snow on the sides of all the roads from Humberside airport to Thorpe St Peter.
  9. It makes me laugh that the dramatic headlines have started with airports cancelling flights as the snow sweeps the country - do they mean this melty stuff that is melting 5 seconds after it lands!
  10. Been for a walk to the shop, snow accumulating in areas not exposed to the sun but very melty elsewhere. It felt wet as it hit my face. Impressive to look at when it comes down in full swing though.
  11. Yes we had loads of mank everywhere after the last fall, our vehicles and glazing was left covered in soot type stuff - wasn't sure whether to blame the local steelworks or not!
  12. Snow showers getting heavier in nature over Scunthorpe, it's turning white out there.
  13. Snowing a heavy but fine snow in Scunthorpe and its settling as everything dried up nicely overnight.
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