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  1. Been cold and more importantly snow chasing and lurking since 2010, joined here proper this year 2018. This year have witnessed the most incredible weather synoptics possibly ever. Had two ‘Beasts from the East’!!!!! (That’s flipping two!) and all I have to show for it is a 4cm dusting 2 weeks ago and less than half a centre meter tonight. I know I’m in Surrey, so I never expected much anyway. However, sat under an Amber Warning expecting to see enough snow to take my 3yr old on his first ever sledging trip in a new sledge! I have finally woken up to this! If these were the best conditions for snow of a generation then I’m done!!!! I’ll put my head down, work hard and maybe just maybe I can earn enough money to take him on a winter holiday. But I will no longer put myself through this torture. I’m done with snow chasing in the UK now. Time to come back to reality with where I live (geographically) and why I chase snow! Good night everybody. Maybe touch base with you all in 2030 when this mini ice age is supposed to hit us! Whatever you get tonight enjoy the snow! Big love!
  2. The red blob is coming!!!!
  3. IKON still looking good for a cold shot on Saturday through Sunday.
  4. Lost count of the number of times you contradicted yourself there! Maybe you count them and tell me!
  5. So good to suddenly see all my favourite posters again! Hello Beast No.2!
  6. I can’t remember who it was but I do remember someone telling Steve to give up the chase for that easterly as it will never happen! Lol! Well he didn’t and it did! Ha ha! I’m not so sure we are finished just yet tho! One last hurrah? ps. not that was you Atlantic 252 at all! I was just following your post!
  7. It would truly elevate this cold spell to an all time great if we had a rinse and repeat! Plus it would really annoy SS!
  8. Anyone know if we are still expecting another band tomorrow night after a Emma moves through?
  9. Doesn't look that way on the radar KW
  10. “It’s cold out there every day”
  11. I am fairly new to this, so go easy. This morning on the 0z and now the 6z IKON, I ran the animation I noticed how the Iberian Low interacts with the cold pool to our west and I wanted to run it past the more experienced members as it could be a reason why the models are struggling so much with the next few days. Its difficult to show in still pictures, but as the denser cold air interacts with the low, the low disrupts and fills, but at the same time the cold pool starts to rotate with the low around it, gradually getting faster. This initially pulls less cold air from the south, but as the cold pool starts to rotate starts pulling more cold in from the east. I wish I could show this in animation as a .gif (maybe someone could give it a go) however, this can be seen at: https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/icone_cartes.php?&ech=54&mode=0&map=0&archive=0
  12. So the UK MetO app states snow from Thursday through Saturday. I guess that app uses MOGREPS. Woke up happy with that weather warning! The GFS, ECM and UKMO 0Z, plus BBC Meto Group all going for less snow and a warm up. Very depressing! i don’t think I have ever seen such a divergence between BBC and UK MetO! Someone is going to look pretty stupid/silly by the weekend unless we get corrections within the next T24-T48. Which way will it go?
  13. What’s the best radar to use for snow? I’ve got the NetweatherSnowRadar but not sure if there’s a better one out there. Thanks in advance!
  14. I’m with you @Daniel*. I’ve got a feeling about this! It feels different, like something really unusual is about to happen!