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  1. Brilliant WW. This is what I was chatting with @johnholmes last month whereas I was suggesting matching the closest permutation to the 500s, but your idea is a much better way of matching it using the jet. Great stuff 👍
  2. I hope you’re right RD. It’s not looking overly promising at the minute in Woking. But the main thing was to get the cold in and the snow will follow. We have definitely got that now, so just fingers and toes crossed and a stealie eye on the radar.
  3. Meto removed snow here overnight and tomorrow!!! I can’t be??? All the other weather apps still say snow tomorrow. Do the Meto know something??
  4. Only track that would fit is “The End of the World”! Love it! 🎶🎵🎶 Sorry Mods 🥰
  5. For all newbies, please read this brilliant post! We don’t just discard a suit because it’s not showing what we want to see. That would be a layman’s response. We are, to a lesser extent, scientists and deal mostly in logic.
  6. Warnings for London & SE Updated: 09:50 (UTC) on Fri 29 Jan 2021 Further details An area of rain pushing in from the south-west overnight will turn to sleet and then snow during the course of Saturday morning, before the band stalls and starts to move south again in the afternoon as it eases. A few cm of snow are possible at low levels, but more persistent snow is expected across Wales and some hills elsewhere, with 3-7 cm of snow possible above 150 m elevation and 10-15 cm over higher ground (above 250 m), mainly in Wales. There is also a low chance of around 20 cm o
  7. Just started snowing in Woking ❄️❄️❄️❄️ Heavy precipitation now
  8. I’d actually be quite happy to see it falling from the sky. The bar is set very low at the mo
  9. Woking snow shield in full working order! Nothing is getting through 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. Thanks loafer! Defo yes! I’m just looking for that confirmation in the ordinary gp tools. I’ve bored the wife stupid over the years with 10 day chart blizzards inbound most of which have never come to fruition. It’s just the usual 4-5 days worry that we’re chasing phantoms. I’ll feel better when the flakes are falling outside my window. 👍
  11. I know the weather apps (TWC, BBC & MetO) are renowned to be crap but none of them have any snow for my location next week. I keep looking for them to update but everyday nothing. Are they all wrong? I know they all use data in their apps that we have access to. Why don’t they see what we are seeing?
  12. You actually raise a really interesting question rob. I can’t read the anomaly charts yet at all, but could @johnholmes or another one of you learned fellows, cross reference the anomaly charts with the closest GFS/EMC Permutations to illustrate a clearer way forward +8 days. It seems the anomalies are more right than wrong at this time and we have enough data variables to possibly match up a way forward. Apologies if this has been done before and proved not to work, but I can’t recall seeing it in the past. TIA Mr. B
  13. So does the MJO drive the ensembles or do the ensembles drive the MJO or do they independently read the background signals? Sorry LRD not directed at you personally just interested.
  14. Can you start backing up these assumptions with charts! #justsaying
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