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  1. I wonder how far north the front will go its still pivoting now and pushing up which means im out the bottom end i wonder if it will sink south again and can pick up some more ppn..
  2. U did tell me to keep the faith and have been rewarded with a covering similar to yours maybe not quite as much...
  3. Not sure why the radar is a miss my netweather app had heavy snow showing over andover for 2 or 3 hours but my mate says they hardly had anything. Im just se of soton apparently in the dry as bamd moved through and its still coming down.
  4. So weird netweather app says clear for me but its actually snowing harder than it has all evening...any ideas why? Also my mate in andover has has hardly anything but the radar says heavy snow!
  5. This has been a massive let down...total disaster the band has lost all its intensity. Only east of brighton has any chance of seeing anything decent. Massive let down....
  6. Where is the heavy ppn? Been snowing in southampton for an hour but hardly laying?. Looks as though were half way through the band and nothing heavy to speak off. Really disappointing....
  7. it doesn't look as though the front is pivoting or is it just me?? just heading straight in, I don't fancy my chances close to the IOW now and nowhere near cold enough for snow....
  8. Met Office now updated forecast to say heavy rain on the coast, where as yesterday they were bullish about snow chances on the coast...feeling very underwhelmed at the moment after waking up looking forward to a day of excitement in Southampton.
  9. The pivot is moving far too fast for my liking, the precipitation can only be 50 miles off the south of the isle of wight already. Forecast was nothing until 5pm, can see it raining in Southampton by 3-4pm which is not late enough for the temperature drop.....
  10. Thanks Jtay just really hope it does snow, even if it starts off sleety as long as it turns to snow and can settle (which is should if hard enough as surface temperature is cold even if wet) me and the kids will be happy..
  11. Is Southampton still on track do we think? Bit worried the front looked like it was weakening before reaching me. Temp and dewpoints have dropped over the last hour significantly... Shouldn't the low start pivoting soon??
  12. Front looks ahead of schedule and further north possibly?? Not good for keeping the cold on the south coast...have a bad feeling about this...currently -4.2
  13. My worry is the warmth of the English Channel sea temps are still warm. My worry will be rain and then if we do get some snow it wont settle....all to play for it will be marginal for us in southampton. Depends how far north the system moves.
  14. Looking like nip and tuck for Southampton tomorrow, that being said alex deacon was bullish about the chances of snow on the coast...exciting times seeing how it will pan out...
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