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  1. Yea, this summer on the whole has been pretty crap alright! I'd quite fancy a decent winter for a change, things looked promising last year but it all went to pot! The only issue this year, if we do get a good one, it could be during a lockdown period which I'm not so sure about... Funny old time we're living in.
  2. Nothing here in Larne (as yet...) Nada, nout! The most excitement here is that strong wind that definitely seems stronger than when Ciara was knocking about. It's gonna be "cry wolf" someday with all these weather warnings that come to nothing. Rant over.
  3. A small flurry of snow in Larne this morning just before I left. Snowing on and off on they way into Belfast. Here's hoping there's a bit more later...
  4. Right, let's get this show on the road. Part of me is looking forward to this, part of me isn't. I've got a wooden gate in the driveway that's already been damaged by this year's winds, I'm thinking this mama could finish it... Also thinking I need to stalk up on the wood supplies as the old power could be affected by this one which could be another interesting side affect!
  5. So - there was just the slightest skiff of a very tiny amount of a covering of slow in Larne this morning, well the part I'm in anyway. You could see it out the front but none lay in the back garden. Then it was snowing a bit from Kilwaughter to Ballyclare on and off and then in fizzled out again. Ah well, better than nothing - think that's as good as we're gonna get!
  6. Bright and sunny in Belfast but a bit cold at 2 degrees.
  7. Damaged my gate Brendan did! Think I actually saw a bit of sleet yesterday! Anyway, first real sign of winter and it's cold out there today, for a change... Anyone got any sort of gut feeling for the white stuff coming?
  8. Happy New Year to you all. I'm hoping from mid January onwards we might get some of that elusive white stuff. Hope 2020 is good to you!
  9. So... wondering if many of you have had much knowledge of this website before? It seems to forecast an impressive winter from Mid January onwards, possibly till March. Any long term charts able to give any credence to what the guy is saying? Weather Without Technology - Forecasts WWW.WEATHERWITHOUTTECHNOLOGY.CO.UK
  10. Would be great if it headed over to East Antrim but yea, won't hold my breath!
  11. So - from what anyone can work out... How's this gonna affect the North East, specifically around the Larne area? I'm guessing, probably not that much, maybe...
  12. I know it's early but any ideas on the mid-longterm range winter forecast for this year?
  13. What about tomorrow? If rain is forecast would it not be cold enough to fall as snow?
  14. Was brilliant, was coming down the M2 about 40 mins ago and the snow just started and then lay on the ground. Traffic was starting to struggle. Still snow on the ground in Belfast
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