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  1. What about tomorrow? If rain is forecast would it not be cold enough to fall as snow?
  2. Was brilliant, was coming down the M2 about 40 mins ago and the snow just started and then lay on the ground. Traffic was starting to struggle. Still snow on the ground in Belfast
  3. Just had a couple of flurrys in Larne but nothing else so far.
  4. There’s even been snow in Larne, whilst it’s stopped for now I don’t think it’s over yet. We’ve got a light covering (a tad more than a dusting...) and any more that comes is gonna lie. The morning could be interesting...
  5. Got very cold in Larne, says 2 degrees but feels more like -3! Sadly, I think we’re too Far East for the snow...
  6. Been following along with great interest... Love a good snow day and last year had 2. Be nice if that could be upped to 3 this year!
  7. I fear it’s going North West too quickly and if it does, Larne’s gonna miss it - again
  8. That's grim - slackers they are! There's not a flake of snow around there for them to be worrying about. If they were down around Craigavon or somewhere, or even Carryduff, fair enough but Cityside - that's a laugh...
  9. Well... found this on Twitter from the French met office... and you’re right, according to them 53! Wow...
  10. Well... it looks as if we’re finally getting a streamer, just as I leave for work. Sadly, it’s fairly light but better than what we’ve had so far, I’m happier...
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