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  1. I fear it’s going North West too quickly and if it does, Larne’s gonna miss it - again
  2. That's grim - slackers they are! There's not a flake of snow around there for them to be worrying about. If they were down around Craigavon or somewhere, or even Carryduff, fair enough but Cityside - that's a laugh...
  3. Well... found this on Twitter from the French met office... and you’re right, according to them 53! Wow...
  4. Well... it looks as if we’re finally getting a streamer, just as I leave for work. Sadly, it’s fairly light but better than what we’ve had so far, I’m happier...
  5. Look closely enough and you’ll see Larne is totally clear. Nothing all day :(. The Beast has bypassed us entirely, the sidekick Emma on the other hand is giving us a bit of a bettering!
  6. So with all this activity, why is Larne missing the action? Mind you it’s bitter cold and very windy, just no snow
  7. County Antrim gonna get diddly squat! Larne even less than that - Not amused...
  8. There's now an amber out for parts of Down and Armagh from the met office.
  9. Another Larnian! Yep, totally depressed lol!
  10. Still nothing for Larne - really??
  11. Yep, around Castle Court here, and very little in the way of snow now, yet less than half a mile away a totally different story. Also, Moira seems to be getting a serious beating!
  12. It's ok, I'm working in Belfast and absolutely loving it here. 5 minutes up the road and theres nada - completey normal - weird!
  13. So am I in Larne - County Antrim has nothing - a complete and utter bust. My wife is taking the p out of me lol!
  14. Still absolutely nothing in Larne, not a flake. A complete BUST!!! All the forecasts seem to leave us out, completely jealous of (most) of the rest of you.
  15. Bring it on - Looks pretty breezy too...