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  1. But will it though? This is all about timing and I'm not sure the heavy stuff if any will hit at the right time??
  2. Can't see this beast coming off. Moderate snow now in Yeovil for 4 hours and only about an inch on the grass absolutely nothing settling on the roads or pavements.
  3. Absolutely crazy in Yeovil. Blizzard conditions now for over 3 hours. A37 blocked going in to Dorset and North to Bristol. Local traffic at a standstill as cars being abandoned
  4. Hi all. Long long time lurker and watcher. Finally posting due to a number of frustrations, first why does no one reference 1978 versus the current late week set up? As somebody who lived through that Febuary I've seen nothing at that level to date, could this be on a par a week tonight?