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  1. OK... So, erm, anything else in the pipeline? Reading the models, actually scrap that. Attempting to understand the models, has me like this
  2. I've been a bit of a lurker this winter as not much to report about. BUT I'VE SEEN A FLAKE OF SNOW. ??️ Started off sleeting in Epsom, now snowing. Think it's stopping now. Oh well.
  3. This popped up in my Timehop app this morning. 9 years ago today, we had glorious snow. Today certainly felt like it could!
  4. The wind is picking up a bit, here in Epsom. A few gusts are throwing the tree branches around. I'm still eyeing up the central heating but haven't cracked just yet. On the radio earlier, a listener said the way he decides whether to turn the heating on, is to put a tub of ice cream on the kitchen side. If it melts within 30 mins, it stays off, if it doesn't , it goes on. I fear that wouldn't work in my house as someone would just help themselves to it!! (Fluffy socks are out, tho'!)
  5. I did the walk this morning. Just got dried out. Now soaked again. I may just get my canoe out. Roads are flooded here. Watching the radar I can see it petering off to the NE. Welcome Autumn. You were much, err, missed?
  6. Quite heavy rain here. Just looking at the radar and lightning maps. Quite interesting to see the line of lightning strikes across France, is there chance of those reaching here? Still a very muggy night tonight. Fans still in good use.
  7. Well, tonight sucks! I cannot sleep, so checked the radar and there's a few things pepping up in the channel but not sure of they'll do the usual swerve or head towards us? I couldn't believe this. So the thunderstorms we had the other night.( I say "we", I mean every part of the Country apart from me! ) after being left out I was kinda hoping to see something. Decided on a last minute trip to the beach tonight. Upon hearing that some were crossing the channel I thought we may have a chance, but no. Anyhow, about an hour after leaving Epsom, I checked lightning maps, and could you believe it? Out of the whole of London and the home counties, Epsom had its own cell right above it. Couldn't make it up. ! I think the weather gods have it in for me... So again,I missed out!
  8. Had a glorious evening on Littlehanpton beach, was a pleasant relief from the stuffiness within the m25 belt!
  9. Uhmmm. I was going to head down to the beach, not sure which yet. But is there thunderstorms due?! Thinking of East Sussex way?
  10. I haven't a clue what it is in Epsom.all I know is that I'm still in the air conditioned restaurant watching those walking past, sweating buckets!
  11. I'm going to an air conditioned restaurant for lunch. May stay there for a few hours, really drag out the meal!
  12. I'm here. Literally dripping with sweat. Had a shower but it felt pointless! I'm kinda enjoying it, kinda not!
  13. Gah!; its within touching distance yet not quite close enough!
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