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  1. We had a slight scattering of snow earlier in Epsom but literally for a few mins
  2. I just don't feel any cooler tonight after todays storms. Like, I'm still meltingggg.
  3. We have been hit quite hard by the rain, here in Epsom. Quite a few roads are flooded, still havinf the strikes and rumbles. I haven't seen rain like that in YEARS. it was monsoon like but consistent.
  4. It's getting louder and louder and feels almost echoey. It's just constant. Seen a few flashes now.
  5. Whatever happens, it'll never head over NW Surrey. We seem to have some form of shield around us everytime, come snow or thunderstorms o_O
  6. Haven't been on here for AGES! IT'S a potential storm that that's brought me back 🙄 Why do these things always kick off in the dead of the night....
  7. OK... So, erm, anything else in the pipeline? Reading the models, actually scrap that. Attempting to understand the models, has me like this
  8. I've been a bit of a lurker this winter as not much to report about. BUT I'VE SEEN A FLAKE OF SNOW. ??️ Started off sleeting in Epsom, now snowing. Think it's stopping now. Oh well.
  9. This popped up in my Timehop app this morning. 9 years ago today, we had glorious snow. Today certainly felt like it could!
  10. The wind is picking up a bit, here in Epsom. A few gusts are throwing the tree branches around. I'm still eyeing up the central heating but haven't cracked just yet. On the radio earlier, a listener said the way he decides whether to turn the heating on, is to put a tub of ice cream on the kitchen side. If it melts within 30 mins, it stays off, if it doesn't , it goes on. I fear that wouldn't work in my house as someone would just help themselves to it!! (Fluffy socks are out, tho'!)
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