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Please share your photos from the long weekend to our Easter weekend 2019 photo gallery!



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  1. I've lost count the amount of times my bin has flown off. Last fence panel is swaying, I reckon it'll be a goner come tomorrow. I love a good storm too, certainly got through all our laundry bins today! However, it also freaks me out when it starts blowing a hooley round the house. Wind has been quite extreme here today, especially mid afternoon.
  2. Well. I took a look at my fence today, and bid a farewell as I am pretty sure the last panel standing is going to disappear come tomorrow eve! The wind scares me more than any other weather, not sure why? Maybe it's the unpredictability and chaos it can cause. Certainly not a day to be going for a paddle...
  3. Omg. It is mental out there right now. The wind and rain is insane.
  4. Well that was an eventful afternoon!! My fence has gone down on both sides, bins everywhere,trellis down. The gusts were INSANE! went out for a short walk and my car was surrounded by some pretty huge branches that had come down. Surprised it hadn't smashed my screen! Is Tuesday expected to be as gusty for us?
  5. Next week looks interesting, storm wise? Pretty gusty here today, got the big winner coat back out after being fooled by the glorious sunshine weeks ago!
  6. Well. The radar suggest some heavy rain heading my way. It's already heavy. Does this mean I'd better get my canoe out?! Shame it wasn't like this when we were supposed to get snow!!
  7. The wind is so strong it blew me into NEXT and encouraged me to buy clothes. Next thing you know, it'll be blowing me into a pub. What a shame?!
  8. Wonderful. Just in time for the school run! I'll take my umbrella and maybe I'll turn up a la Mary Poppins?! On another note, my bin has fallen over outside. Riveting stuff.
  9. Went for a walk around Polesden Lacey (Bookham) completely unprepared for snow! It's still a couple of inches deep in places. Beautiful day today.
  10. Well. I WOULD post photos, but I fear I will embarrass you all with the amount we got here!!! Truly amazing (!) You guys. Your photos are beautiful. I love a Winter Wonderland. Let's hope we get another shot at this before Spring is upon us. As much as I love Spring, I don't feel quite ready for it ..yet..
  11. Well. That was not expected! I didn't get much but it was good to see others doing well. On a serious note, this has made me realise how important it is to keep an emergency stash in your car. Even a blanket and torch etc. Sounds obvious, but most of us wouldn't expect to be caught out like some have especially in the SW.
  12. Snow also settling here in Epsom. Can also hear drip, drip , drip so unsure how long it's going to last for!
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