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  1. Yes straight for my house in Talke mate. Lol
  2. Folks can anyone recommend a good radar app for an android phone. Still pretty new to these forums so would be good to know what you use / Reccomend.
  3. Always Sunday to look forward too till it just misses Stoke again lol
  4. Best way look at Thursday, if it Snows great, if not I can earn extra money by being able drive Friday morning lol. Always next Winter folks. Remember Stoke used to always get it through the 90's so at some point, we'll get another one.
  5. Argh yes the famous Kidsgrove Bank. Lol. If only we got it like we did in the late 70s early 80s and the massive drifts at the top opposite the Travelers rest.
  6. I'd love know where you were in Stoke that was near Festival Park Hanley and that was the heavy Bit. Lol
  7. Just turning to Snow now by the new Sainsburys in Castle. Showing 1.5 in car
  8. Yes mate, just down past the old Caldwell. More towards Butt Lane. So I need you keep me posted as to whether I can get home later lol
  9. 1996 was a good one mate, so I don't give up hope entirely that 1 Winter it might repeat. Remember it as I think that was the last time Port Vale won a game lol
  10. I do keep watching vids on YouTube about a mini Ice Age approaching lol
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