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  1. Wet and windy from the 2nd part of yesterday afternoon. Still rather windy today, but calmed down as the day progressed. Plenty of sunny spells and dry apart from a brief heavy shower here around 7pm. Reached 12.6°C
  2. Sunny all day reaching a max of 17.0°C at: 14:58 Very low RH here too! 23% at 3pm-ish
  3. Another chilly start with a low of -0.7°C at: 06:02 Wall to wall blue skies this morning with an easterly breeze. 9.0°C
  4. Reached 15.6°C with plenty of sunshine again yesterday. Just about dipped below freezing overnight with a low of -0.5°C at: 06:02... currently 8.4°C with sunny skies
  5. Sunny all day with some high cloud around at times. Reached 15.7°C... currently 5.8°C
  6. Morning all, the overnight low was -0.8°C at: 05:46... sunny once again with a light breeze in from the NE, currently 12.3°C
  7. Sunny with light winds all day, reached 13.6°C after a low of -1.8°C overnight.
  8. Bright start, clouded over into the afternoon with a few light showers from the NE... Reached 12.8°C, currently 2.0°C
  9. Cloudier compared with earlier but still a few sunny spells here and there. Light winds
  10. Reached 10.6°C, sunny spells throughout the day but still a cool breeze that seems to have lightened now
  11. The overnight low was -2.6°C... Sunny with scattered cloud, currently 5.8°C
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