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  1. Good morning, it’s not as much of a grey start with some hazy sunshine ahead of the approaching rain. 8.1°C
  2. 6.7°C turned out to be yesterday's max at: 22:46 after it began rising after 8pm. Holding out steady at 6.7°C now.
  3. Another grey, boring day following an overnight low of 3.9°C. It reached 6.6°C earlier, currently 6.3°C
  4. Signs of spring. Fleeting 12°C uppers at GFS D10, would verify unlike snow.
  5. Brightness in the sky up to quarter past 5 at the start of this week (when it was sunny). It has been overcast for the 2nd half of the week but even then it isn't 'dark' until around 4:50.
  6. I hate to repeat myself but it's been... overcast and grey with the odd bit of drizzle... again... today. A max of 6.0°C. It is currently 5.5°C Hopefully the unsettled weather after tomorrow isn't too long-lived, and we return to some brighter weather in Feb, and the placement of any high remains favourable so we aren't left with nothingness! Snow-wise... time is ticking but I hope for just one day of some snow to say I've had some! Perhaps we were spoilt in March 2018 and with last year's little event at the end of Jan.
  7. Another grey day here with spits of drizzle at times. It reached 6.1°C @ 14:03.. currently 4.5°C
  8. 6.2C was the high, grey all day with a hint of drizzle in the air. Not far from that now at 5.8°C
  9. Grey and murky today, a far call from the brightness of the past few days. The temperature began to rise soon after midnight with an overnight low of -1.1°C at.. midnight. It is currently 6.2°C
  10. The low stayed at -3.3°C in the end... it stayed below freezing until 10:30. The fog was actually quick to clear here but just a short while away in Downton it persisted past 10am. We had a high of 7.1°C shortly after 2pm Clear and cold again tonight. 0.2°C
  11. It’s a cold one out there this morning with thick frost and some fog. We are on our overnight low of -3.3°C
  12. -2.4°C was the low here overnight, another clear, frosty start this morning, although the frost hasn't lingered in the shade all day like yesterday. A bit of cloud mid-morning but it soon cleared off towards lunchtime. Reached 7.5°C, currently 4.9°C
  13. 1°C on the nose here. PWS down the road from me has a pressure reading of 1049.7 but that one has a tendency to be out a little bit on other stats
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