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  1. First 30c of 2018?

    June 16th in Gravesend
  2. A friend who went to Fuerteventura said it was cloudy and just 16C for 3 days! Shocking.
  3. A piece I took as a souvenir and out in the freezer is going strong
  4. Hope I don't see any wasps this week, my worst enemy.
  5. Such a beautiful day. Shorts and t-shirt for me finally! Enjoying a few drinks in the garden. It's grea.t
  6. I think I did well. 1st bet and 3rd bet came in 4th and 1st respectively
  7. I look forward to next week's forecast, hope it holds up..
  8. Quite a downpour here, the rain flooding off the gutter woke me up. Very intense.
  9. Another disappointing weather day.
  10. Someone has a weather station in Woodfalls. Bingo!
  11. Thunderstorms for Wednesday says the iOS weather app..