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  1. Cloudy this morning, but started to brighten up around lunchtime, stayed rather hazy though. Few fleeting spots of rain at around 6ish.. Reached 26.3°C at: 14:06 with a DP of 17°C Currently 20.1°C and cloudy.
  2. Cloudy and feeling muggy for much of the day, tried to brighten up for a time this afternoon. Reached 22.7°C.
  3. Cloudy all day with some brighter glimpses, stayed dry. Got up to 21.9°C at: 14:52... Currently 14.3°C and misty, or rather hazy
  4. Overcast with the odd hint of brightness, light breeze. The overnight low was 13.4°C, currently 17.5°C
  5. Cloudy and dry at first but it cleared away to leave plenty of blue sky throughout the afternoon. Reached 23.4°C
  6. Blue skies with patchy cloud... warm too, up to 22.0°C at: 14:31 Currently 20.4°C
  7. Cloudy for much of the day, although the sky cleared here about 7:30pm.. reached 20.8°C
  8. Reached 24.8°C, cloudy for much of the afternoon/evening after a bright start with spots of rain around lunchtime. Currently 15.5°C
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