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  1. Been thankful for the clear mornings / days so it’s been reasonably bright by around 7:10am and not dark until after 4:30.. but with overcast skies it was dark at 4 today and with a dull start set for tomorrow it probably won’t be the least bit bright until after half 7
  2. -2.8°C was the low overnight, we started off with some frost this morning and it remained generally clear until mid morning when it started clouding over. Overcast this afternoon with some drizzle at times and it's the 'warmest' it has been all day at 8°C
  3. Thrilling more than anything but can’t rememver the exact date, July 2013 but I’m assuming the 23rd as mentioned above . constant thunder and we even had a lightning strike just yards away that shook the whole house. Must’ve been around 10/11pm at night
  4. Although this is not much different from 'average' for the time of year, it's much better than what I am used to, at least for December, slate grey skies, drizzly with temps around 12°C... Bright, sunny days, clear nights with overnight frost / fog. I could live with this for the rest of the month.
  5. Most of the cloud cleared off just in time for sunset, clear right now and temperature dropping fast. 2.5°C
  6. Cold start this morn with frost and a low of -1.2°C... max 6.8°C today with sun this morn and variable sunny spells this afternoon No fog here this morning but 2 mins down the road in Lover there was dense fog, why the difference?
  7. 9.6°C max today with plenty of sunshine... Got down to 2.2°C at 20:30 but temp rising.. 3.0°C at 21:25
  8. If only! Friday the 13th on GFS 6z Although I penned the 14th to go Christmas shopping, perhaps not!
  9. This morning's cloud has cleared and we are left with mostly sunny skies with some patchy altocumulus. Looks cloudier to the south, though. Temp 8.1°C
  10. No frost or fog here overnight. Cloud spoiled the party. Temp slowly rose to 2.8°C at 02:50 before falling to a low of 1.7°C at 04:30, before rising thereafter to the 3.1°C we are on now with mostly cloudy skies
  11. No moon, no stars so I believe it’s clouded over here, temp also rising from the 0.1°C it got to at 21:30.. to 0.7°C now
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