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  1. January: 2010 (let it snow) February: 2012 March: 2018 (Beast from the East and 2.0) April: 2016 May: 2018 (two glorious Bank Holidays) June: 2018 July: 2018 August: 2012 (made up for the iffy June/July IMO) September: 2012 October: 2017 (Ophelia and Saharan dust) November: 2010 December: 2010
  2. Had a few showers this morning and in the early afternoon, drizzly rain since then. Hope it clears up for the meteor shower later but I don't know..
  3. Counted 4 rumbles during that shower
  4. Heavy rain here for the past half hour, lightened down a bit now
  5. Heavy shower around an hour ago, drizzly and breezy now
  6. https://twitter.com/NHC_Atlantic/status/1026928981461872640
  7. Clear skies out there tonight, hopefully more of a comfortable night for sleeping
  8. Can’t believed it’s pitch black now, exactly one month ago it was still bright after 10.