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  1. Wind has picked up over the past half hour, also drizzly
  2. Very pleasant today with mostly sunny skies and up to 17C. Next few days don't look too bad, but next weekend will be a real shock to the system
  3. Nice photos. Don't think I've been up that way!
  4. Not too bad day today, mostly sunny and a bit breezy up to 16C
  5. Cloud cleared allowing for a decent sighting of the sun after around half 4.
  6. Tomorrow does indeed look dreadful, MO has rain in the early morning all the way into the evening; but after that the outlook doesn't look too bad, mostly dry with temps in the mid teens, and a bit cooler at night!
  7. Brightened up a little since this morning, feels warm despite the breeze. Tomorrow morning looks wet wet wet
  8. Warmest October night I’ve ever seen
  9. Still 19C just before 11PM with temperatures not forecasted to drop below 18 tonight. Reminds me of those warm summer nights
  10. Haven't noticed any branches or trees down (yet..) like last time, hasn't been too bad today.