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  1. Reminds me in late summer (August I think) where we had a row of crap weekends
  2. It’s going to be a fun visit to Southampton today...
  3. Looks horrible tomorrow, but if the models are anything to go by, looks like there's something a bit cooler coming again towards the end of next week hurry up! Also I'm liking the MO long range update today, best I've seen yet but not going to count my chickens before they hatch.
  4. Started off frosty with clear skies this morning. Cloud built during the morning and we were left with a mostly cloudy afternoon
  5. Stayed dry and bright today with a nice chill in the air! Perfect
  6. These are the sort of the days I’d like to see if we can’t have SNOW
  7. Looks wet Saturday, am planning to go down to Southampton fwiw but I'd much appreciate it if it stays dry for when I'm there at least!
  8. It's also giving summer 2012 a run for its money
  9. Morning, starting off bright with a temperature of 8°C - I expect it to turn cloudier pretty soon though
  10. Mostly cloudy after some sunny spells earlier on. 9°C Shame really, it looks much clearer not too far to the east