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  1. A nice day to keep the windows open but the neighbours are also burning something (BBQ out?) so all I smell is smoke. Anywho, I’m heading up to Salisbury again shortly. Temp 12.8°C
  2. Cloud is now lifting and the temperature seems to be responding well. Now 11.2°C
  3. Still quite foggy out. Got down to 5.4°C an hour ago but now creeping up again, 6.0°C
  4. The sun is just saying no today! Reached 9.6°C this afternoon, so almost 4°C cooler than yesterday
  5. Yuck, dull and grey once again. Temperature 9.0°C
  6. I’m in Salisbury at the moment and yes cloud only started breaking up over an hour ago
  7. Good morning, grey sky out there this morning. Currently 9.5°C after a low of 7.5°C at 1am
  8. Sun did start coming out a bit after 3pm-ish and we had a few sunny spells. A top temperature of 11.3°C here, currently 9.1°C
  9. 7.5°C and 53mm A month dominated by south/south westerlies but also some periods where low pressure from the West makes inroads