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  1. Mixed bag. First half a fair share of high pressure ridging but also low pressure moving in from the west.. 2nd half will be cooler with our first bite of something 'cold' in final 3rd. That's my hypothesis. Going for 10.3°C and 95.3mm
  2. Another warm and sunny day following a cool start with 6.6°C as the overnight low... Reached 22.9°C at: 14:08... currently 21.3°C
  3. The overnight low was 6.6°C at: 06:48 with clear skies to boot... a warm and sunny day thereafter with blue skies. Reached 20.4°C earlier, currently 19.6°C
  4. Blue skies, a gentle breeze, and feeling warm. Reached 20.5°C here at 14:15.. currently 19.4°C
  5. IMO, this spell makes up for the poor days throughout summer proper (notably June this year...) as with most nice spells in September. After this I wouldn’t mind a transition to stormy, wet and windy as that’s my favourite autumn weather, but of course we still have another month and a half for something warm again.
  6. A muggy feel tonight but I notice the temperature started dropping rapidly after around 10pm.. from 16.7°C at 21:55 to the 15.1°C we are on at 22:35. Front clearance or...? Enlighten me.
  7. Must have had something to wet the ground a bit here. I wouldn't have even noticed until I saw a car go past with its wipers on!
  8. Despite being mostly cloudy all day there has been brief periods when the sun has tried to make an appearance. Still feeling warm though. Reached 19.8°C earlier.. currently 18.8°C
  9. Good morning. A cloudy start after a relatively mild night. We are currently sitting at the overnight low of 14.3°C...
  10. Clear skies still and a beautiful waning gibbous dazzling among the stars... currently 14.8°C Although that cloud across the Midlands and northern areas is slowly edging this way.
  11. Started off with mist this morning following an overnight low of 7.0°C.. it quickly cleared around 8:30am when I got up to let the rabbit out! Sunny skies all day with cirrus / high cloud at times... a very respectable 25.5°C Clear skies tonight and down to 16.1°C however looking like a cloudy day tomorrow with cloud moving in overnight, although not particularly cool, forecast looking like the 20 degree mark. After that, looks like our spell of fine, sunny and warm weather will continue throughout the week, and perhaps even warmer again next weekend if ECM is on the money. Up to yesterday (14th)... the rolling mean for September here was 14.7°C. Could have been a bit higher but we have had some cooler nights.
  12. Mid September and the sun still feels hot.. lovely out there, sunny with a bit of patchy cirrus. Temperature has been hovering around the 25°C mark after reaching 25.5°C earlier.
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