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  1. ECM out to T144. Looking like an improvement over last run.
  2. A nice clear day for once, feeling just nice with a refreshing breeze
  3. Cloudy and dry, refreshing breeze. 14C
  4. GFS 18z is ! High 20s-low 30s all the way out to FI
  5. Can I change? 18.1C and 28mm please
  6. Very light drizzle now, just like there was this morning. Nothing major!
  7. Cloud burned off around 1pm, breaking away to some nice sunny conditions. Now clouded over again! Relatively warm.
  8. Beautiful now. Sun is finally out woo. Just went for a nice bike ride.
  9. Sun has just come, slightly! Nevertheless, still feels warm under all the cloud, better than rain and gales..
  10. Sun just tried to break through the cloud, but gone away again. Pretty thick cloud, mild.
  11. GFS this morning is heaven. That’s what I like to see. Yes, hopefully the cloud stays at bay
  12. CheesepuffScott

    Tuesday 19th June weather observations

    Cloudy and humid. 16C
  13. 16/17C uppers widely at +240 on ECM.
  14. Has been a fair day, started off fairly cloudy, got sunny before noon with clear skies, cloudy again now