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  1. 30.9°C the final max here, hopefully higher tomorrow, dependent on cloud. But am I right in believing the trough has cleared north so it'll be less of a cloud maker tomorrow?
  2. Interesting, it got down to 29.3°C at 16:40 before starting to rise again, reached 30.6°C at 17:10, now on 30.2°C
  3. Down to 29.6°C now, think 30.9°C will be our max unless the sun comes out soon and gives the temperature a boost. I am happy for the coastal locations that have recorded higher though!
  4. For me it’s more of an experience thing. I like the feel of it all, even though that means the house is insanely hot. I’d much rather 2018 style heat of course (mid-high 20s) with nights cooling to the low teens.
  5. It better hurry up! But slowly rising again after a brief flatline.. 27.7°C
  6. Reminds me of holiday to Tenerife 3 years ago. It was cloudy for all but 1 day of our stay, but it'd still get to the high 20s and feel very muggy like this!
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