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  1. Can I point out that cold weather will stop the transfer of the virus quite significantly. Hopefully the hospitals will not have so many flu cases as well so an incoming cold snap should be a good thing
  2. Indeed, one could say the isobars are quite tight ?
  3. I have always assumed the professionals have access to much better models than we do on this forum no matter who they work for ?
  4. Phew, taken me ages to read this great new thread. Incredible charts for this time of year. great to be back in the hunt guys ? For me the most exciting thing about what is being shown is the potential for December/January. It would take some pretty astonishing cold uppers here in Cornwall to get snow on the ground in November.
  5. This is going to be more common as possible outcomes over the next few weeks if the jet stream does not recover from its Southerly track. It may even mean a colder Summer, especially if it stays South
  6. If the models are right Cornwall will get more than last time. Right on the coast may be a bit sleety for a while. Its tomorrow that's more interesting, Remember Cornwall is not a wide county, small corrections can mean none or a blizzard so you will only be sure a few hours before. Watch the radar It would not surprise me to see Cornwall upgraded to Red sometime tomorrow, we shall see.
  7. Just been to Truro Sainsburys. Too late for panic buying, hardly any milk left and bread is selling fast
  8. Are we seeing the northern hemisphere climate struggling to recover from such an epic SSW? Factor in the solar output diminishing over the next few years. Maybe this will become the norm for the coming winters.
  9. I assume the models factor in the increasing strength of the Sun?
  10. Which is a lot different to what was predicted only 24 hours ago
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