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  1. The ultimate doom spreader right there. Please can you provide proof of this
  2. Long time (normally) a winter lurker. Would it be possible for one of you esteemed members to decipher the latest models and put some money on a forecast. I'm cycling from Kent to Somerset Saturday and need a dry tailwind. Sorry mods, it's raising money for the Royal British Legion. Thanks
  3. 3rd weekend in 4 for snow here .. anyway, looking forward to the mid teens forecast for next weekend now.
  4. I can confirm that outside my crane at 70m up its 35mph and absolutely baltic!!
  5. To be fair, xc weather, which uses gfs has been showing this for a couple of days for Bristol
  6. The last time I was this excited about something I think I had just bought a new pair of work boot laces. As they say in the creche thread...240hrs is when it will start and more runs needed
  7. Gfs picking up on something for Bristol Thursday/Friday next week (seen on xc, which uses that, I use xc for wind forecast for work)? Fully aware its a forecast which may as well be next year but it might be sniffing at something.
  8. Anybody would think Stoke is in the Arctic circle and a thousand miles inland by that . The weather will do exactly what it wants..just be happy
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