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  1. Going to be honest here. I joined this forum after a long time lurking. There is great resource on here, and you included. But this is about weather, and right now, it’s snowing, mid March!! And we are having to wade through some petty tit for tat, odd. So back to the weather? I think more is too come overnight. Really appreciate @TheSnowDreamer and the constant accurate forcasts for my part of the world.
  2. I’m 42! And I’ve been waiting for this day since 2010 having seen my in-laws get epic snow and I in snow starved Frinton on sea having seen little. Moved to Shirley Croydon in 2013 and seen diddly swat! So this week is great, and having cried into my beer Tuesday morning, I’m enjoying the streamers coming our way last night and today. Took my kids sledging (first in their living memory) and have severely bruised my wrist! Do I care?! (It flipping hurts!) looking at the radar, it seems quite a bit is firing off, and had a good 3cms this evening and more on the way.
  3. I am new to the forum, long time lurker though! Wondered what weather station you’d bought? I’ve been looking for a while. As with many of us, very excited! Been seeing this come to fruition on the runs for nearly a week now, and cannot believe there’s been no downgrade. Had to pinch myself with the latest MetO video. Bring it on! ❄️?⛄️
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