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  1. met office showing rain sybols all day today but then light snow symbols for strood /rochester this eve . imagine if by some miracle that actually gave us some actual snow unlike last night , same page was showing heavy snow symbols all night and woke up to rain and no snow settled anywhere , know its unlikley but would be funny
  2. A guy in my office has so far nailed the forecast over this whole period almost giving an exact to the hour forecast a few days before it happens with the snow levels he predicted also being much closer than the meto or bbc At the end of last week he warned us all that friday (being today) will potentially be the heaviest snow of this period for kent at least and anybody going into work is unlikely to get home unless walking though even this wont be great as blizzards likely with very low visibility. he said the morning will bring freezing rain as slightly warmer temps but that by t
  3. started snowing in strood kent . only small falkes and light , winds picking up though
  4. really cant tell if your joking or if i should be super exited here in strood kent
  5. looks like a small snow shower tracking towards uk http://meteoradar.co.uk/realtime-snowfall#
  6. New to this and also from strood where we always seem to miss out but hopefully this time around we get snowed in
  7. hi everone , im completely new to this but love snow just as i feel most people on this forum seem to , does anybody khow likely north kent in particular medway is to get at least some snow as we seem to miss out everytime
  8. first of all I'm completely new to this But even I can tell from how much excitement I'm seeing in all these posts that something magical is about to happen. my question is if anybody can help is Kent likely to get any snow this time around as We always seem to miss out
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