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  1. Grangemouth snow shield set at full again. Nowt in boness.
  2. Grangemouth snow shield in full operation. Boness has rain and lots of it. School playground was like an ice rink with plenty black ice around.
  3. I keep asking if there is a list of model outcomes to see if any actually get it right... Anyway it was 8c up at beecraigs above lithgy however felt a good 5c lower in wind.
  4. Is there anywhere that tracks the accuracy of the models? Simple offset of the images against actual result would be cool and would let everyone see what model works best.
  5. I remember sledging down Carriden Brae in 2010 - It was fun. Need to look out the photos and post on here (or even better take new ones - hopefully). Kids are meant to be heading from the local school (the grange) to the riverside museum in Glasgow tomorrow - what's the chances of that happening?
  6. Newbie here. Been looking at the models thread and from what I can see they almost all look like down south being hit with cold weather - not here? Is this right or will we get some of the white stuff here? Ideally in the central belt (quite fancy snowboarding down cockleroi again - not done it since 2010)
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