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  1. me ive my heating on, lol, hate being cold in my home, just find it so hard to believe we could get ny snow, i want to cut my grass and see my frogs um being happy
  2. i keep looking for my frogs none yet , but they do get frosty this time of yr lol
  3. Hi All, still cant get my old account back, so starting from zero, still mild, no breeze, just find it so hard to believe Mr mini could arrive , this is just doesn't seem real, so many roller-coaster rides over the yrs on here, but this is the weirdest, i was so ready, to get my mower out on Monday, im as confused as the birds making their nests, well i will be when this cold and snow hits
  4. still snowing here, everywhere is covered well obviously and still going strong yayyy
  5. snowing heavily now maybe the last snowfall of this yr, until Christmas of course , but im so happy
  6. well light ppn here, blowing around, its really trying to do something, even though ive not had significant snow, ive still a very good covering, nothings melted, roads,garden etc still has a thick covering, ive have enjoyed the ride, better then the roller coaster of previous yrs, the ups and the downs we have endured on here , its nice to know other people are enduring the same thing, if you get what i mean , still we have today, to see what happens, plus dont forget we have still had great snow cover in April before, thats why i could never live anywhere else, our weather, is full of surpr
  7. well i was in Amber last night and i got nothing , but im still hopeful, had lots of snow showers which covered the grass well sort of, all frozen here
  8. well im off to bed got three 15 hr shifts coming up, hoping to wake up with a covering, night all, and may we all get something, oh im still in the Amber area, just
  9. we just dont have any around where i live, but council tax still loads, should be less due to that ,
  10. so im back to the old wave my arm in the air to wake up the security light to see if its snowing,, as i have no lampposts where i live, im expecting alot, , well some anyway
  11. wonder if i will be in the 1-3cm region of snow or the 15cm, tomorrow, well its a start and every little helps
  12. well im back in the Amber warning again for tomorrow yippee lets hope it stays there this time
  13. i will never turn down a streamer, , every chance they will pop up and give us a lovely surprise, never say never , , the week is but young
  14. just had a mini blizzard,, suns appeared again, still light flakes, then gets bigger, then light flakes again, what a weird scenario, everything that falls is sitting what it touches, no melting, full cloud and very cold
  15. one min the suns out ,next min dark clouds, its trying so hard to give us a good pasting , still very early days, the fun i believe is yet to come, all good things come to those who wait, last week the sun was warmish, felt spring like, was ready to start gardening, this week, no bloody chance, always expect the unexpected
  16. -2 here, obviously feels much colder says feels like -7, ,just put some food out for the fox that pops into my garden, my cats had a little nibble, but came running in, too cold for them
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