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Joanne Swann

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    Essex near Ongar
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    Gardening, working and sleep if i can grab any, dont have time for much else lol
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    Oh snow, got to be close second frosty mornings, all white and glistening,

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Not much to sat really, i work long hrs, but dont we all, i sleep when i can, and i love my garden and ponds, as long as i dont fall in them as i have on a few occasions lol, not much else to say really, except i get so excited when it snows lol.

lets see i only appear on here when the weather is getting exciting, frosts,snow, and of course the strong winds, ,not a great lover of the heat though.well thats me ,thats all i can think of, oh except ive been a member of net weather for many yrs, lost my other account had over a 1000 posts, nothing really that anybody would learn nothing from though :rofl:

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