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  1. Windy and feeling cool in Kingussie (max temperature of 16C) - plenty of showers nearby but stayed dry. Not much in the way of sunshine either, doubt the Munro-baggers got much of a view today going by the low cloud.
  2. Feeling a bit autumnal at Fortrose today, max of 16C but the strong wind made it feel a lot cooler. Stayed dry, though plenty of showers going round and only a few glimpses of the sun. Dolphins aplenty at Chanonry Point this evening, best time to go as the parking is quieter (and free - see Highland council have decided to milk the tourist industry by starting to charge for parking during the day).
  3. A better day today, dry and a maximum temperature of 18C and light winds. Not much in the way of sunshine though with a lot of low cloud, especially from late afternoon. Still some green to be seen in the cereal crops around us so no harvesting of that yet - focus seems to be on getting the oilseed rape in.
  4. Lovely sunny start to the day but that didn't last long with the late morning through to late afternoon dominated by heavy, slow moving showers. Feeling cool with a max temperature of 16C even though winds were light. This evening it feels decidedly chilly outside with the skies clearing quickly - though a few showers still about, these looking quite picturesque in the setting sun...
  5. A showery day book-ended by blue skies and sunshine. Some impressive showers this afternoon but no stratospheric's that I could see. Light winds and a pleasant max of 20C - feeling decidedly cool outside now though with current temp of 9C (dropped 3C in last hour).
  6. Another most agreeable day weatherwise. Overcast for pretty much the whole day with a few bright interludes but feeling lovely with a maximum temperature of 21C. Light to occasionally fresh westerly wind and dry. Rather spiffing sunset this evening.
  7. Glad to see everyone is out enjoying the weather Beautiful day that has improved as the day has gone on. Breezy but it's one of those nice soft warm winds from the west. Temperature max of 23C. Bit cloudy to start with but cloud has thinned and cleared as the day has gone on to leave abundant warm sunshine at the moment.
  8. Another very agreeable day weatherwise. Light winds and a maximum temperature of 21C. Bright for most of the day but overcast this evening with the rain not far away by the looks of things. Example below of how Hoverflies are everywhere at the moment, fascinating creatures really as apparently most of them have come over from Europe going by this Facebook site.
  9. A overcast day but pleasant enough with a gentle breeze, dry and temperature max of 20C. Another example of what a strange year this has been for nature is the number of Hoverflies. We rarely see them in any number here - but my goodness, this year they are everywhere. Just wish I had a camera when visiting a friend this afternoon - there were dozens and dozens of them swarming round a blooming buddleia bush, which was already smothered in butterflies (cabbage whites are also very abundant this year, the caterpillars are certainly massacring our Nasturtiums).
  10. Another lovely day and a lot better than that forecasted by the Met Office et al. 25C max again with a nice cooling breeze. Dry here but you could see some impressive Cumulonimbus forming during the morning towards the NE. Shot below summarises the weather the last few days, may the rest of August be the same!
  11. Hot and sultry today, max of 25C and light winds - very acceptable and some lovely cloudscapes during the day as well as the cloud bubbled up. Evening not so acceptable with yet again some persistent and heavy rain curtailing any outdoor activities. Not cold though. Tomorrow could go with a bang going by the forecast, just like last Friday.
  12. Overcast & feeling quite cool today even with a max of 18c on the thermometer and light winds. Quite persistent rain for a couple of hours this evening much to the disgust of the kids - the recent rain seems to be too late for some of the Rowan trees as a lot of their leaves are turning yellow. Cereals & oilseed all look ready for harvesting round here. Interesting to read about the pink barley straw thanks to @Northernlights so will be on the look out for that.
  13. Usable day until 4pm with a pleasant max temperature of 19C, light winds and occasional sunny periods. After 4pm its been another story with rain (some heavy) and a cool feeling 13C - really noticed the shortening nights this evening, lights on by 8pm.
  14. Indeed, dreich day with plenty of heavy rain in the afternoon and cool at 14C max. Going by the completely unscientific bird bath measuring gauge there has been around 25mm of rain here since Friday evening. Kids so hacked off with the rain they even watched Moana twice - that Shiny song does stick in your head.
  15. A beautiful evening with clear blue skies but step outside and it feels decidedly autumnal due to a cool, strong and gusty Southerly wind - the air feels remarkably fresh compared to the muggy feel of the last few days. The wind is drying things up quickly after the deluge overnight/this morning - some very heavy outbreaks of rain this morning before things started to clear up in the early afternoon. Garden already looking fresher for the rain!