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  1. Carbon copy of the weather here today, temperature a bit lower with a max of 14.2c. Actually felt quite chilly outside this evening, first time in quite a few weeks. Had a surprise visitor to the bird feeders in daylight this evening, must be famished daring to be out in full daylight (taken 21:30). As soon as the kids saw it out they went with half a ton of cat food pellets. The ravens and magpies will be delighted to eat the remains of them at 5am tomorrow (they're feeding youngsters just now that insist on sitting on the house roof from 4am and ceaselessly "CAW CAW" to
  2. Another vote for it being a lovely June day. Generally light winds, max of 20c and sunny early and late (overcast around lunchtime but dry). A lot of the surrounding fields looking brown - thanks to silage cutting, a sign summer is rapidly moving on.
  3. Sun only made an appearance after 9pm, thankfully allowing a gorgeous sunset. Temperature peaked at 19.1c; currently 14.8c.
  4. Look out the window and it's a carbon copy of yesterday, overcast with a brisk southerly wind. Step outside though and it's a different day, humid and warm (currently 19c and I suspect still rising). Once again I see the forest track entrance near us has been subjected to fly-tipping. This time a trailer load of garden waste. Took the council over two months to clear the last load of rubbish (pile of building rubble) and then only after the local councillor got involved as the forest is private land and the council initially said disposal of the waste was the landowners problem no
  5. Truth be told it felt more like an early September day today rather than mid-June. A bit of sun to start with but overcast by 11am - temperature dropping thereafter from the 11am high of 17c to the current 12.9c. A brisk and gusty S to SSE wind all day adding to the fresh feel. A dry day bar a few spots of rain at 5pm.
  6. Some much needed rain overnight, heavy enough at one point to wake up the family as it pounded on the hallway skylight. Thereafter a much fresher day, with a max of 16c and a mixture of cloud and sunny spells. Wind fresh to strong from a W/SW direction all day. Aloft the winds seem to be in a right old mess going by the way the clouds seem to be running in opposite directions at different heights...
  7. That looks like a Northern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella). I'm lucky in having two of them in our garden, both self-seeded. I've collected/sown the seed from them in previous years but nothing has come of them yet (the seed is like powder). They do live by their name as both plants are in the soggiest part of the garden (though it must be noted that the ground is not waterlogged, rather free draining but constantly moist). Couple of photos of them in situ, not the best as taken just now in the twilight. Beautiful plants, I do recall Dobbies selling them a few years ago at
  8. A fresher feel to the day, not as humid as yesterday. A light shower of rain first thing, again just enough to wet surfaces and no more. Thereafter dry and cloudy with the occasional sunny spell. Moderate SW to W wind, currently 16.5c. Child nightmare last night allowed a 03:15am photo, gorgeous sky then and what a cacophony of bird song there was as well. The recent spell of settled weather has provided plenty of different cloud types, yesterday evening no exception.
  9. Very mild overnight, never below 15c! Some nice cloudscapes first thing this morning... However, as per the usual pattern recently the cloud has bubbled up and it's now mainly overcast with a few transitory brighter periods. Wind has picked up in the last few hours, now strong and gusty from the S/SSW. It's a damaging wind as there is a lot of fresh, young soft growth around and already lost a branch of a climbing rose. Irrespective of the wind its a very respectable 20c just now.
  10. Used to work in that area many moons ago. Lovely scenery, hooching with tourists in the summer but I'm afraid you'll find yourself on the wrong side of marginal for snow most of the time at that altitude. It's surprisingly mild on the west coast (palm trees in Ullapool etc) and you really need a lot of altitude for proper snow - many times I've seen lying snow at the Braemore Junction but it's completely clear by Inverlael. What you'll get instead is rain, and a lot more of it compared to what you are used to in Aberdeenshire. Love the area though, when the weather's nice i
  11. The settled theme continues for another week. The Haar made inroads yesterday, thick enough at Westhill to switch on the windscreen wipers. It was brighter here from mid-afternoon and the evening provided a nice kaleidoscope of cloud types... Mist first thing today but then sunny. As per the last week, the cloud has bubbled up and now it's mainly overcast. Warm though, currently 19c with light winds. Soil is getting really dry now, I suspect the farmers round here will be starting their rain dance soon. No real darkness at night as others have mentioned, lo
  12. Morning started off fine enough with plenty of sunshine, allowing things to warm up to 18.5c by 11am. Then the cloud bubbled up (now 100% cloud cover), which combined with a brisk SE wind has allowed the temperature to drop to 16c (and continuing to drop). So overall a much cooler feeling day than of late, though the dry theme continues. Wood Pigeons are well fed round here, other half keeps mentioning pigeon pie but I'll pass on that thank you 🥧
  13. Bliss. High of 22.3c, now 21.0c. Fresh to strong SE breeze, variable cloud. Just wish the kids would give you more than 5 mins uninterrupted time to enjoy it!
  14. It's a stuck record, but at least it's a classic hit. 🌞 Another gorgeous dry and sunny day, though Cumulus cloud has been bubbling up for the last hour or so making it more sunny intervals rather than the unbroken sun of the morning. Peak temperature of 18.8c, now dropped to 17.7c thanks to the cloud. More lovely Cirrus around, complete with Rook (they have had a good breeding season going by the racket coming from the local Rookery).
  15. Another gorgeous day, the summer is really off to a flying start. No lingering Haar today, but a stiff old SE breeze once again pegging the temperatures right down, currently 16.4c. A few high level clouds but conditions are right for plane contrails. These at times have their own sort of beauty once the high altitudes winds get to work on them....
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