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  1. Superb day. Bit overcast first thing but that soon cleared to bountiful sunshine in the afternoon, light winds and a stonking 19C. Crathes Castle bustling as a result - gardens still full of colour with plenty of bees, hoverflies and butterflies out as well.
  2. Going by the 0.5cm layer of ice on the bird bath this morning, last night was the coldest night so far this autumn, with white grass frost still present at 10am in shaded areas. Day warmed up pretty quickly after that, reaching maximum of 11C with light winds and very hazy sunshine. The Met Office has released a Beta version of their new website - Beta Metoffice Website The text descriptions in the local weather are cringeworthy, some examples..... Needless to say the feedback provided was not complimentary on that aspect...
  3. Overcast but dry until around 3pm then a clearance to clear blue skies, a lovely end to the day. What a change from last night though. Already down to 1C, compared to the 13C around the same time last night.
  4. 11 hours of rain today, a long time since that happened. Goes to show how dry things have been though as the local burn is not showing any signs of overflowing (yet..). Stopped raining a couple of hours ago and remarkably the maximum temperature for the day is outside right now at a balmy 13.2C (hovered around 10C in the rain).
  5. The glorious weather from earlier in the week is a distant memory already after this dreich day. Heavy rain off and on all day combined with a strong wind in the morning and the evening. Only saving grace is that the temperature got up to 13C so not feeling that bad out of the wind and rain. Local starlings now starting to strip the local Rowan trees off all their berries, amazing how a flock of 40-50 birds can strip a tree in a matter of hours. Really must start recording when they do this each year and see if this correlates with the type of winter.
  6. Stunning day, more like high summer than the middle of Autumn. Wall to wall sunshine, max temperature of 18C and generally light winds. Nature responding with Hoverflies, Butterflies and a few Bumblebees to be seen - Honeybees though have been absent for quite a few weeks now.
  7. Amazing how much the mountains have shielded everyone to the east - dry here with the sun trying to break through and up to 15.5C already! I would hope Tesco spend some of the insurance money on painting their roof, shameful amount of peeling paint up there
  8. Another grim day. Wet off and on all morning giving way to a overcast and breezy afternoon. Mild though, up to 14.5C this afternoon which is good going considering the dearth of sunshine.
  9. Morning = Cold, wet, bit breezy, dreich. Afternoon = Cold, overcast, breezy, dreich. Mind you, kids still managed to have a good time at the Steam Fair at the Grampian Transport Museum, not often you get to see a steam powered Land Rover!
  10. First hard frost last night, enough to blacken some of the marigolds planted away from the house - the heat island effect noticeable as those near the house were untouched. Thereafter a nice mix of sunshine and cloud, the former most abundant in the early morning and late afternoon/evening. Max temperature of 10C and light winds. Already down to 1C outside so going to be another cold night, though it's supposed to get milder later in the night as the cloud moves in. Some impressive orographic precipitation over the next few days, snapshot below typifies the next few days - nothing of note over here but a bad time to go on holiday to Glenelg and environ!
  11. Morning & early afternoon was overcast but mild, getting up to a very respectable 15.5C accompanied by quite a stiff westerly wind. Then a band of rain came through quickly late afternoon, leaving things feeling a good bit cooler (down to 8.5C already) - ground drying up quickly though. Weather not as dramatic as that over in Calgary (lovely place). Record breaking snow, though already melting steadily going by friends over there - link , link 2
  12. Cold wet morning (max 7C) then a marked clearance in the early afternoon leaving a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Temperature markedly higher in the afternoon, up to a max of 14C (even now still 10.5C). The higher temperatures have set off an explosion of small midgies, thousands of them flying around just before sunset. Didn't hang around to find out if they were the blood-thirsty variety
  13. A workable day, if a bit blowy. 50:50 mix of sunshine and cloud all day. NW winds, with some damaging gusts in the afternoon - leaves rapidly leaving the trees as a result! In the sunshine felt okay but not that warm out of it, max of 12C.
  14. A glimpse of sunshine in the morning then downhill all the way after that with heavy rain by 4pm. Cold at 6C with a stiff W veering SW wind. A day to forget....
  15. Beautiful sunset yesterday evening and a milder night with no frost, unlike Friday night. Lovely sunny start to the day here and currently 10C, so not feeling bad outside if you are out of the brisk WNW winds.