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  1. Impressively cold this morning, -7.1C at 7am and still -4C now (note, we are in a frost pocket). Everything has a lovely thin white coating of hoar frost so looking very festive. Overcast though and probably the last of the deep frosts for the next few days.
  2. Wow, a sliver of blue sky on the horizon, the first for days and days and days... Its been that worst kind of Scottish weather for a week now, permagloom™- apart from last night when the skies cleared to leave a cold night with a minimum of -2C. Showers of rain again this morning, these falling on frozen ground resulting in very icy conditions on the local roads. Now 4C and looks like getting a bit milder later in the week.
  3. In the end the day turned out okay, dry after the early rain and very mild in the afternoon with a max temperature of 14C. Good going as the sun never really made an appearance. Lovely sunset accompanied by the usual skeins of geese heading home for the evening.
  4. Yesterday was a beautiful day of sunshine, light winds and a max of 11C. So far today is just the opposite - grey, wet, breezy and feeling cool even though the thermometer reads 9C. Looks like a cool down from next week - grey and cold for here most likely, cannot wait Oh, and may I be first to say winter is over (not bad seeing as its still technically autumn) - already got the first Narcissus coming into bloom in the garden....
  5. Yet another murky day, though dry until this evening. Very windy now though with some powerful gusts which are bringing down some branches onto the roads round here. Not a cold day though, max of 10C. Talk of some drier weather in the weeks ahead, hope so as the grass is now squelching under foot and moss is appearing everywhere (note to self, apply the moss killer later in the year in 2019)!
  6. One of those bleurgh days of autumn. After some heavy rain first thing in the morning, rest of the day was grey and murky with light winds and reasonably mild with a maximum temperature of 10.5C - still mild out just now with a temperature of 8.5C. Some poor farmers must be getting sick of pink-footed geese in Moray/Banff & Buchan as the skeins heading back this evening towards Montrose Basin (I think...) were again massive - a lot of hungry mouths.
  7. Very wet overnight but it's been dry here in the daylight hours apart from a few spots of drizzle in the wind. The latter the main feature of the day with very strong southerly winds all day, that longevity being quite unusual. Generally overcast with some breaks in the murk allowing sunshine to appear for a few fleeting minutes. Also very mild with a maximum of 14C, even now its 12C outside - twice the daily maximum temperature for most of the days in the past week!
  8. Cracking start to the day. Clear blue skies, very light winds, and the overnight frost (down to -2C) is clearing rapidly off the grass etc. Some massive skeins of geese heading NNW passed over us around 8am, as impressive as ever - managed to get one of them on camera.
  9. Dawn started wet but the front passed over quickly leaving clear blue skies from 9am until dusk. Combined with light winds felt very nice out there in the sun - perfect day for clearing up the garden. Maximum temperature of 6C and now just below freezing.
  10. A showery morning replaced by a workable afternoon with plenty of weak sunshine. Up to the heady heights of 5.3C this afternoon and already down to -1.2C outside. Frost works in strange ways, got two Dahlias next to each other in the garden (same variety) - one decimated by the hard frost on Sunday night, the other still in reasonable condition. Time to get them dug out, earlier than last year (going by the notebook that was November 10th 2017). Not sure if this has been posted before, if not, a interesting website to whittle away a few minutes in these long dark nights - the recent rain has mostly removed the reds & yellows that were widespread in the summer (soil moisture reading). European Drought Observatory
  11. Proper winter's day with plenty of sleet/hail showers blowing through quickly on a stiff N-NNE wind. Wind preventing it getting to below freezing so far, with a maximum temperature during the day of 5C. Surrounding hills have a dusting of snow on them, slushy though I suspect. Some beautiful cloudscapes today, love the pink topped clouds you get at this time of year with the sun being that bit lower in the sky. Multiple skeins of geese went over just before dusk. Mightily impressive and loud, must have been over a thousand birds at least - the photos don't do the spectacle justice.
  12. Superb day. Bit overcast first thing but that soon cleared to bountiful sunshine in the afternoon, light winds and a stonking 19C. Crathes Castle bustling as a result - gardens still full of colour with plenty of bees, hoverflies and butterflies out as well.
  13. Going by the 0.5cm layer of ice on the bird bath this morning, last night was the coldest night so far this autumn, with white grass frost still present at 10am in shaded areas. Day warmed up pretty quickly after that, reaching maximum of 11C with light winds and very hazy sunshine. The Met Office has released a Beta version of their new website - Beta Metoffice Website The text descriptions in the local weather are cringeworthy, some examples..... Needless to say the feedback provided was not complimentary on that aspect...
  14. Overcast but dry until around 3pm then a clearance to clear blue skies, a lovely end to the day. What a change from last night though. Already down to 1C, compared to the 13C around the same time last night.
  15. 11 hours of rain today, a long time since that happened. Goes to show how dry things have been though as the local burn is not showing any signs of overflowing (yet..). Stopped raining a couple of hours ago and remarkably the maximum temperature for the day is outside right now at a balmy 13.2C (hovered around 10C in the rain).