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  1. Wasn't a bad day yesterday, sunny for the most part with a brisk wind and a max of 5.5c. Overnight wild, wet and windy. A really big gust of wind around 2am managed to knock down a roof tile and scare the kids to death with the resulting noise. Sunshine and showers at the moment - still a gusty wind that is positively Baltic in nature. The low angle of the sun at the moment making the showers look very dark and ominous. Falling as rain at this level but the surrounding hill tops are white; must be very wet snow up there as temperature currently 2.6c.
  2. Yet another day of Aberdeenshire Permagloom™; it really has been a dire few days. Just as the last few days its been grey all day with all of the surrounding hills covered in low cloud. Sporadic drizzle in the morning been replaced by more persistent light rain in the afternoon/evening. Not cold though, up to 9c today. First really large skein of geese seen this evening, up to now the skeins have been small numbering around 30-50 individuals.
  3. Deary me, atrocious reporting from the Inverness Courier, looks like they've been taken over by the Express....Foot snow for Inverness Had to laugh at this part "with a huge red and orange snow front heading towards the UK from the Arctic on the second day". Anyway, back to reality. Grey day with a stiff southerly breeze making it feel cooler than the recorded max of 8.0c. Some rain since 3pm but this is off for now. Outlook looks a tad damp though.
  4. What a contrast in temperature compared to yesterday - max today of 7.2c and actually feeling pretty mild when you were out of the brisk wind. Cloudy all day, though there were a few brief breaks in the morning to allow some hazy spells of sunshine. Good day to get the garden cleared up, ground surprisingly dry when planting some daffies. Bird feeders getting emptied every day now, even had a charm of goldfinches - crappy zoom on the phone camera does not do the sight justice, about 30 birds in total (normally just get one or two at a time).
  5. Overnight low of -6.3c, making it the coldest night of the autumn - so much for the Met Office forecast low of -2c Sunny to start with but rapidly clouding over, frost lifting in Aberdeen but stayed below freezing here (just, max of -0.2c). Light winds and back down to -1.9c at the moment, though expect that to rise in the near future. Met office outlook for here is deeply uninspiring, grey sludge for days on end.
  6. Another cracking winter's day today, overnight low of -4.4c and a max of 2c with calm winds and bountiful sunshine. Can we please book this type of weather for the proper winter in a couple of weeks? It's currently a bone-chilling -5.1c outside so looks like the lowest autumn overnight low (yet..) is in the making.
  7. Got to love the variability of Scottish weather. Weather today a complete opposite of yesterday's - calm winds, unbroken sunshine and a severe frost. Overnight low of -4.6c leading to treacherous roads in the morning and some beautiful frosty windscreens! Max temperature of 0.9c here, so the frost basically never lifted. Already below freezing again so its going to be another cold one tonight.
  8. Back to the awful weather that marked the start of this month. Heavy rain for the last couple of hours, driven in by a strong northerly wind. Milder than of late at 5.5c though feels a heck of a lot colder than that outside. Just imagine if this was mid-January and thus the Northerly wind that bit colder, the snowfall totals would be impressive considering how much rain has fallen in the last few hours.
  9. Another cracking winter's day, three weeks early.... Overnight low of -4.8c and again plenty of hoar frost first thing. Things warmed up a bit quicker today as most of the frost gone by noon expect those areas in deep shade which never thawed out. Max of 4.5c in calm winds and with plenty of sunshine feeling very pleasant outside, as long as the winter jacket was on! Unusual sight at dusk with a mixed flock of about a dozen Fieldfares and Mistle Thrushes descending on one of the rowans to eat what berries were left (starlings nearly stripped the tree clean last weekend).
  10. Coldest night of the autumn last night with a minimum of -4.5c. Stunning start to the day with plenty of hoar frost on the ground, calm conditions and even a bit of hazy sunshine - cracking day to be outside, though ground conditions not the best for the kids football session going by the number of bloody knees by the end of the game! More in the way of cloud in the afternoon and a few light showers of rain, max of 4c. Temperature now -1.1c and ground conditions lethally icy thanks to those afternoon rain showers.
  11. A day of two halves. Morning was dry, cloudy and cold with a max of 5c. Afternoon wet with sporadic outbreaks of heavy rain, temperature hovering around 4 to 5c and light winds. Towards Aberdeen the showery rain changed to sleet or hail for a short period in the mid-afternoon, causing a number of major accidents on the A90 just north of Aberdeen - Fubar News Link
  12. Some impressive rainfall totals appearing now for Eastern Scotland. Rain still relentless here, alternating between heavy drizzle and steady heavy rain. Currently 7.8c and a fresh NE wind. MET office radar shows a lot of rain out in the North Sea heading our way, so no quick respite from the deluge. Scottish Rainfall Data - provided by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) APPS.SEPA.ORG.UK Rainfall data for Scotland.
  13. Another day to remind me that November has no redeeming qualities - crap weather, ever shortening days and this year an overdose of politicians on the TV etc telling us to trust us, gies us your vote.... Relentless rain all day (third day in a row) ranging from fine drizzle to torrential downpours. Ground saturated and some local flooding on the roads round here - next 24 hours look interesting to say the least. Not particularly cold with a max of 11c with a light to fresh E/ENE wind.
  14. Horrid start to the month. Rain/drizzle all day with thick fog covering all of the surrounding hills. Light winds, and milder of late with a max of 9.5c. Interesting to see that the rain radar did not pick up the very fine drizzle that has been falling here the last few hours.
  15. Beautiful day around Aboyne. Light W/NW winds become fresh late afternoon, unbroken sunshine and a max of 9c. Still some heat in the sun so feeling very pleasant when out in it - a tad chilly feeling in the shade.
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