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  1. Lovely day after a decidedly chilly night (down to 1.4c here). Max temperature of 16.5c in light winds and with oodles of sunshine - though got a bit cloudier in the evening. Weather recently seems to be suiting Hoverflies as they are everywhere (a underrated and undervalued insect group, they really are pretty things when you look at them closely - link).
  2. Bliss Currently 22c, unbroken sunshine and just a gentle breeze to keep you from feeling too hot. More of the same please!
  3. Hazy sunshine, light winds and 22c. Cannot quibble at that for this time of year
  4. The rain has just arrived and it's monsoon in nature (enough to get the kids to wake up and wonder what is going on). Gutters are overflowing and its balmy (14c), but alas no thunder and lightening.
  5. Lovely late summer day. Max of 17c with plenty of sunshine, though got a bit breezy in the early afternoon before winds fell light in the evening. Nice sunset to round the day off. Continuing the ornithological theme, plenty of House Martins soaring above the fields this evening - they also seem to have had a good breeding season after a poor start (plenty of nests from last year were not reoccupied). Strangely, Swallows and Swifts are pretty uncommon in the immediate area round here.
  6. Nice enough day. Max of 16c with quite a bit of sunshine as well as a few brief, but potent, showers. Light winds throughout. Was quite taken by the beauty of this shower cloud over to the east this evening.
  7. A dreary day with lots of low cloud, and since 4pm continual light rain. Winds light but the real change is the temperature with the lowest maximum seen for over a month at a chilly feeling 14c. Overall though its been quite a memorable period of weather in the past month thanks to the warm temperatures. Also memorable here for having thunderstorms warnings for about a week - resulting in not a single lightening strike/rumble of thunder. Fickle weather....
  8. Lovely day in Inversneckie with blue skies, max of 23c and light winds. City hoachin' with visitors and the Belladrum festival has gotten off to a great start weatherwise. Clear blue skies all the way back to Aberdeenshire and a lovely sunset to round of a cracking day. Some shots looking West thru NNE from layby on A96 near Thomastown (just east of Huntly). We really are lucky in this country for scenery
  9. A new month and the weather responded in kind. Distinctly cooler day with a max of 19c, lowest for quite a few days which goes to show how good the weather has been the last couple of weeks. Overcast all day with even some drizzly rain for a time in the morning. Light winds throughout. Bit of tidying up in the garden today and the soil is surprisingly dry so looks like its time to take the sprinkler back out again.
  10. Neighbour was commenting the exact same thing this afternoon, plenty about here as well. Cabbage Whites though have been pretty scarce this year for a change. Glorious day, max of 24c and plenty of strong sunshine. Evening cloudier and you could see some heavy showers over to the west but dry here; currently 17c outside. Combine Harvesters are out in force in the fields round here this evening, seems early compared to other years. Blackberry crop definitely early though, a good kilogram picked this evening but the quality of the fruit is not the best - heat is not allowing the berries to swell up as much you would like.
  11. Perfect summer's day in Aberdeenshire. Max of 22.5c with plenty of sunshine (though clouding over a bit late afternoon onwards). A nice warm breeze as well, enough to keep the flies and midgies at bay. Warm on way through to Inversneckie this evening, car thermometer hovering around 18-20c all the way. And to top it all a lovely sunset. Rinse and repeat this formula for the next few days please!
  12. Temperature managed to reach a hot 26.5c in the early afternoon - I'm sure it would have gotten higher were it not for the cloud rapidly building up in the afternoon. Overcast and very humid from mid afternoon onwards, still 19c outside even with the heavy rain that has been off and on for the last 30 mins or so. Casting an eye to the rain radar, looks like we are in for a wet few hours with the string of showers all the way back to Eastern England. Pity the lightning activity on the showers down there will not move up here - compensate for the complete failure that was last night (not even a drop of rain here overnight going by the rain gauge).
  13. Max of 24c today, so not quite as hot as previous days. Due I suspect to the quite fresh SE breeze that has been there all day - glad for it to be honest as it made the day feel very pleasant as its very sticky out there. A sunny but very hazy evening and you can see things are changing. To the north, clear blue skies... but ominous clouds to the S/SE complete with rainbow... No thunder etc - yet.....
  14. Well, this part of Aberdeenshire missed all of the weather action today. Another pleasantly warm day with a max of 21c with variable winds and plenty of sunshine. Impressive cloudscapes though and Alford thankfully dry for the kids trip on the Sentinel Steam Waggon at the Grampian Transport Museum.
  15. A very different feeling day. Warm enough with a max of 20c, but it's been cloudy all day with sporadic rain on and off from mid-afternoon. Also quite windy at times, especially in the afternoon - jacket on for the first time in a few days. The combination of rain and overcast skies conspiring to force the lights to be put on at 9pm - harrumph..
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