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  1. A nice 3cm covering first thing this morning making everything rather festive looking. Didn't last long, temp up to 3.5C now and all melting pretty quickly. No showers since dawn, just cloudy with occasional sunny spells. As to be expected, snow coverage very altitude dependent as nothing of note towards Banchory/Aberdeen even around 11am this morning. Driving round, surprised to see so much silage still stored in farm barns, some look completely full when you would think they would be getting low now after this prolonged winter.
  2. Precipitation now changing over to mixture of heavy sleet/graupel, melting instantly upon touching the ground.
  3. Vile afternoon. Temperature dropped now to around 1C but no sign of snow or even sleet, just heavy rain blowing at 45 degree angle in the strong wind, just the right angle of attack to soak your face even with the jacket hood on
  4. Dreich morning. Strong gusty winds from SE with frequent showers of sleet/rain. Temperature has actually risen from low of 1.4C at 06:40 to 2.3C now, time will tell if we get lying snow at this level.
  5. Colder day, 4.8C at the moment - hills around here over c.200m still holding onto the snow well. Been very windy since last night with some right powerful gusts at times. No sign of the sun, just lots of low grey cloud rolling through very quickly on the wind.
  6. A bit of hazy sunshine in the morning with light winds and temp up to 8C just before midday - bit of a change in the afternoon with wind picking up, temp down to 6C now and plenty of low cloud rolling in giving a dull cool feel to the day. Not the most inspiring weather.
  7. It's going to be a fun rush hour on Friday in some places by the looks of things.. And it gets even snowier after that for a day or two - looks like sledging at the weekend rather than gardening! 7C at moment with light winds and sunny intervals. Not a bad day really.
  8. The thermometer may read 7C (positively tropical for here compared to the last few months) but it feels really cold thanks to the damp atmosphere. Very dull with light winds and occasional showers of heavy drizzle. IF the models have it right, the next bout of snow is going to catch out a lot of people.
  9. Temp up to 7.3C, think that is the highest this year - combined with plenty sunshine and light winds a lovely day if you escape the scattered light showers of drizzly rain that are going around here.
  10. Stunning day here with crystal clear blue skies and temp up to 6C which is helping to quickly melt the remaining snow - though I do see some convective clouds starting to bubble up which hopefully won't but a shade on things. Some heat in that sun now and lovely sitting outside in it with no wind and skylarks singing their heart out nearby - birds definitely getting into the mood of spring here. Plants also making up for lost time, these crocuses were under 8 inches of snow on Sunday!
  11. Cracking start to the day, mainly blue skies and first sunshine since last Wednesday, light winds and temperature 2C. If the sun stays out and the wind stays light its going to feel very pleasant outside today
  12. Impressive (if that is the right term) amount of rain has fallen around Westhill and environs the last couple of days. http://apps.sepa.org.uk/rainfall/ No wonder the local roads are badly flooded. Mind you, if that precipitation had fallen as snow the chaos would have been even worse.
  13. A fun drive coming up for those heading from Aberdeen to Huntly....
  14. Plenty flooding in Aberdeenshire on low lying roads and heavy snow on the higher routes going by the flurry of posts on Fubar in the last couple of hours - https://www.facebook.com/pg/FubarNews/posts/ Stream here is now very high so suspect that will overflow in the next few hours.
  15. 2C and heavy rain at the moment, will be interesting to see if this converts to snow as the day goes on.