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  1. Maximum here of 15.2c and feeling very summer like when the sun was out, tempted to unearth the sun lounger 😎 Variable cloud all day and generally light winds. Saw the first honey bees of the year this afternoon and ladybirds are everywhere - any cold snap in the coming weeks is going to have a disproportionately bad effect going by how far ahead everything is. View north today towards Bennachie.
  2. Around Cabrach the road is around 1300ft - approached it from the south (B9002). Latter road in poor state of repair, lots of potholes thanks to the weather.
  3. Headed over to Dufftown this morning via Cabrach and winter definitely still in play up there, everything looking lovely in its winter coat. Glad to have winter tyres on, still some hard packed snow in places on the road. Temperature there hovering just below 0c but up to a balmy 5c in Dufftown itself. Light winds and sunny skies making for another lovely winters day.
  4. Windy out there at the moment but mild at 7c! Alas there is a lot of cloud cover. In the few gaps in the cloud cover to the north there are some very tantalising glimpses of the aurora - looks like a strong show for the lucky ones with a clear view.
  5. Currently -2.5c, a lot "warmer" than this time yesterday. Sunny and calm with some tempting pink topped shower clouds visible over to the W/NW. An overnight low of -10.2c just after midnight then a remarkable and rapid warm up to -4.5c by 2am, sticking around that temperature until dawn - really bizarre.
  6. Well, last nights low temperature has just been passed. Now -10.1C outside and the coldest part of the night still to come. Lovely stuff ❄️
  7. Stunning day again, max of -1.4c and already thermometer heading lower - going to be an interesting night temperature wise. Hopefully a bit more snow before the return of the default chilly grey gunge in the middle of next week. hint of some showers away in the distance towards the NE...
  8. Currently - 9.8c, coldest here for a long long time. Another cracking day in the making. 😊
  9. Utterly stunning day, if only every day in winter could be this good. The polar low last night laid down an extra 0.5cm of snow here, not much but enough to freshen everything up. Rest of the day just superb weatherwise. Unbroken sunshine, a max of 0C and no wind - you could really feel the warmth in the sun today making walking round very pleasant. Mind you, not a good day for the local wildlife going by the number of shotguns being fired in the local estate - bagging a few pheasant before the end of the season I suspect. Surprisingly the temperature at the moment not as low as this time last night. Currently -3.4C whereas yesterday it was -5.1C at this time. Some shots taken to the west of Sauchen.
  10. Overcast and calm for most of the day, skies clearing in the last hour or so - its going to be a cold one tonight for sure, already -1C outside. No top up of snow since Sunday night but everything still looking nice and wintry, even though snow now mainly gone off the trees at this altitude.
  11. At last, some snow - all 1cm of lovely powder. Not enough to cause much disruption but enough to make everything look proper winter like 😀 Dead calm outside, -1c and sunny so a nice winters walk coming up. For here though the Met office is not very inspiring for the rest of the week, no sign of any more snow if their app is to be believed.
  12. Heavy driving rain at the moment on a strong, gusty northerly wind. No sign of any sleet in the rain, temperature now 1.2c (rising from a low of 0.9c around 8am). Horrible day really, worst kind of winter weather.
  13. A bit of a breeze in the last half hour has blown away the fog to leave a bright afternoon and a big jump in temperature - up to 7.2c now. Hmm, maybe it will be cold rain this evening after all 🤮
  14. Damp and very foggy - completely still outside which itself is quite unusual for here. Temperature 3.8c which is a bit less than the MET forecast for this time - maybe for a change we'll be on the right side of marginal this evening as currently we are down for rain/sleet. 🤞
  15. Mild air making headway this evening on drive through from Inverness on the A96, temperature never below freezing even in the Glens of Foudland. Lovely morning in Aberdeenshire though, cold, crisp and sunny. Bennachie currently covered with the lightest dusting of snow.... Looking north towards Pitcaple area, again just a few remnants of snow to be seen Not seen many skeins of geese recently - then came across this bunch in a field near Chapel of Garioch