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  1. I'll add to the collection with some shots from last night. It was really beautiful around 12:30am but the cloud moved in after that. A bit overcast today, dry, and a current temperature of 18C. At least the winds are light. They were strong enough early evening yesterday to bring down some big branches that blocked the A944 for a short time.
  2. It's funny how quickly the weeks of wonderful weather fade into memory when you have dreich, cool, wet days like this. Cloudy all day then persistent rain (sometimes heavy) from 11am till around 9pm, max of only 14C. Distinctly cold now out there with the damp air - can see your breath and that is a first for many weeks.
  3. A day of sunshine and showers - though the latter missed here completely with the majority passing to our north. Brisk southerly wind to start with moderating slowly over the day, now calm leaving another lovely evening. Max temperature of 17C but felt warm out there in the sun, more of the same please.
  4. A stormy day that has shredded the garden along with a portable greenhouse (top lifted off leaving the bottom half intact!). Just as well it was nearly empty. Really hate these summer wind storms A bit of damage in the countryside around here as well with quite a few branches on the roads and a lot of leaves & immature berries/seeds coming off the deciduous trees. Local rookery got hit quite hard early in the morning going by the number of nests that were lying forlorn under the pine trees - no sign of any casualties but I suspect any survivors were picked off quickly by the local predators (even got some feral cats running around these days). Or perhaps they've all fledged already. Lovely evening though with the clearer air making the sunshine look even more brilliant than usual, great being able to have usable daylight to 22:45 Temperature up to 16C with stormy SW winds all day (particularly in the morning). A few rain showers blowing through quickly, and as with Northern Lights, a noticeably cooler feel to the evening with current temp of 8C, the lowest for quite a few days.
  5. A thoroughly wet evening, and that is something that has not been said around here for months! Bulk of the day was overcast with occasional glimpses of sun, temperature max of 20C. Rain started around 4pm and has been on since then, temperatures responding accordingly dropping to the current 12C. Light to occasionally moderate Southerly wind all day, hopefully the winds tomorrow will not be too damaging (Sweet Peas and Sunflowers all tied up well earlier in anticipation).
  6. A John Major day with just a few glimpses of the sun. Quite a stiff breeze at times, a warm up for the main wind event later in the week (that we could do without as the plants are stressed enough as it is). The last few days may have been overcast but the ground is still drying out at a fair old rate - beds watered thoroughly last Friday already dry down to 4cm depth. Out with the sprinkler again and thank goodness we don't have water meters! Birds seem to be stressed with the weather as well. Normally the bird feeders are ignored by this time of year but this year they are emptying them in a day.
  7. Grey and murky until early evening, even some pretty persistent drizzle first thing in the morning. Light winds and max temp of 17C. Skies clearing from the North as I write so should get some late evening sunshine to round off the day.
  8. No sunshine at all today, very grey and murky with extensive hill fog. There was a heavy rain shower in Alford at midday, but nothing here. Temperature up to 16C but felt cooler than that, even with calm to light winds.
  9. The remarkable period of weather continues. Another day of unbroken sunshine (well, until around 7pm when cloud started to roll in from the NE), max temp of 19.5C and a light breeze. The drought round here is really starting to show, spot where the sewage pipe is under the grass in this photo - even the deeper rooted dandelions are now wilting... And in other parts the grass is just dying especially near the edge of the road..... Where the plants can still get moisture, things are looking grand - here is one of the local parks, complete with foot high grass as Aberdeenshire Council don't seem to want to cut it this year (one cut so far in 2018!!).
  10. Another day of blissful weather. Unbroken sunshine, high of 19C and generally light winds from a Northerly direction (got a bit breezy around lunchtime, enough to knock some pots over). The kids planted their sunflowers today so that will no doubt herald the end of good weather, apologies in advance
  11. Another blissful day of copious sunshine, light winds and a "just right" temperature maximum of 18C. Sprinkler on all evening, and to think I never had to use it last summer!
  12. That's more like it. Unbroken sunshine until early evening, with a sometimes brisk northerly breeze pegging temperatures down to 16C - not that you really noticed with the sun being so strong at the moment. It seems the jet stream is heading our way next week so looks like a change in the weather is coming.
  13. Well, I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Grey all day, but unlike yesterday, temperature a lot lower with a maximum of 15C recorded and had to put on the body warmer in the afternoon for the first time in ages. Light breeze all day from the North and this evening the murk thick enough to make you feel a little bit of drizzle in the air.
  14. A murky day. Now, just to show how exceptional this period of weather is, that would usually mean a depressing frigid feel to the day in this part of the world. Not so, temperature up to 21C under the cloud and feeling humid with light winds throughout. The sun tried to break through in the early afternoon as evidenced below (looking W/SW from Oldmeldrum) but the cloud was just too thick.
  15. Another stunning barbecue day - been able to use that more in the last fortnight than in the entirety of 2017. Maximum temperature of 25C and light winds. This morning thought there might have been a shower as the clouds bubbled up quickly to the North and West of us with a rumble of thunder in the distance around lunchtime..... But the wind managed to keep the showers away from us, instead exporting them up towards the W/NW like yesterday. Lovely sunset to round off a pretty perfect day...