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  1. Mainly overcast day but still managed to reach a very respectable 22c. Dry until 7pm when there was a short but very sharp shower. Strong SW wind for most of the day. 16c outside at the moment and feeling very humid. Not often you see thunderstorm advance warnings over two days for this area - mind you, the Met Office forecaster seems to have gone mad with the highlighter and just covered everything...
  2. Good to have summer back. Max of 22c with bountiful sunshine and a decent enough breeze sufficient to keep all of the flies away whilst working outside. Gorgeous sunset as well, perfect backdrop for the evening walk with friends.
  3. Overcast for the most part today but very warm and humid with a max of 21.5c. A light shower around 5pm otherwise dry with light winds. Local rookery training for the remake of The Birds.
  4. Dry and cloudy to start with but that changed by lunchtime to steady heavy rain and cold at 12c. All cleared through by teatime and what a contrast in the evening with some sunshine, blue skies and a continually rising temperature - now 16.2c outside which is the warmest so far today! Very strong winds through the day, but it made the evening walk very pleasant as it kept the flies and midgies away and was refreshingly warm on the face at the same time.
  5. Weather stuck in a rut. Another overcast day with a few light showers, light winds and a max of 15c. Keeping an eye on next weekend, looking promising for some warmth.
  6. And within 30min of writing that the sun has disappeared behind cloud that has bubbled up. Now overcast, not what the forecast promised.
  7. Sunny but a strong Easterly wind has pegged the temperature down so far, only just gone over 20c. Mind you, happy enough with that!
  8. Overcast for the most part bar the drenching rain between 6 and 10pm. Light winds and a max of 15c. Looks like tomorrow will be the warmest day of the month, temperature has actually risen outside by 1c in the last hour and now at 14c so not far off the max of the day!
  9. Much better day. Not much in the way of sunshine but dry and warmer at 16c. Feeling very pleasant thanks to the light wind. Dragged the kids out to Leith Hall, always colourful at this time of year...
  10. Kids asked to go home early from the park as they were freezing cold (even with two layers on). Never thought I would see that happen in July! Thermometer said max of 15c but with the strong and gusty Northerly wind, in reality it felt positively Baltic, even when the sun was out. Disastrous day for the roses and sunflowers thanks to the wind, the former shedding petals everywhere and the latter's leaves shredded.
  11. It's been a long time since its rained constantly for 15+ hours. Let's hope that it will be a long time before its repeated... Max of 13c, fresh SW backing NNW wind and over 30mm of rain (going by the deeply unscientific ruler in empty plant saucer measuring technique).
  12. Pretty much summarizes the day, mainly sunny with a few clouds (bar one sharp shower at lunchtime). Max of 18c with a fresh breeze. Overall though, a poor July weatherwise - first homegrown blackberries were eaten today though, so they are ripening about the normal time.
  13. Not a bad day in Inverness, car thermometer reading 19c and just one sharp shower but alas sunshine at a premium. Quite a lot of tourists about as well. Drive back on the A96 entertaining as ever (what is it with the boy racers that seem to inhabit the stretch from Fochabers to Huntly every Saturday evening). From Insch onwards you could see there had been some torrential rain earlier with debris and soil on the road due to field runoff (Fubar News on Facebook has some good photos of flooding etc around Inverurie in the afternoon). Highlight of the day though was the sunset noted above. One of the most bizarre I have seen in a long time. Looking west it's all very conventional.... But over towards the east, it looked like someone has set the sky on fire, quite stunning...
  14. Very useable day until 3pm, then the showers arrived once again, heavy and prolonged for a time. More sunshine today though and temperatures responding, hit the heady heights of 17.1c. Generally light winds. The dry spell in the spring has done the blackberries no favours by the looks of things as the crop is looking poor (not many flowers and even fewer setting fruit). Conversely Clematis have done well with the warm sunny spring coupled with the copious rainfall in the last few weeks. Tropaeolum speciosum also doing well, finicky thing that it is to grow.
  15. Like yesterday a wasted day of showers and all too brief drier intervals with glimpses of sunshine. Showers this evening merging into a longer period of heavy rain. Light winds and a max of 15.9c. All very forgettable, even the cloudscapes were dull and boring!
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