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  1. Snowing in Eastney, Portsmouth.. Round 2 for us? Last nights snow had pretty much all gone this morning, so pleasantly surprised!!
  2. Finally after nothing Tuesday and no rain or sleet or anything all day here in Portsmouth.. i think its actually snowing very lightly, or it could be sleet.. having a hard time trying to see, what with these new street lamps.?
  3. Coming down quite a bit now & back to the powdery snow we had yesterday, winds blowing it around
  4. Winds picked up again here, seems the rain/sleet/hail (not quite sure what it was but sounded like it was rain/hail.) we had for the past half hour has stopped.
  5. Hoping this main event dumps a good amount of snow on Portsmouth, So far we must be the only place in the UK which hasn't had a complete covering of snow. Fingers & toes crossed..
  6. Had about 5 snow flurries today so far ,in portsmouth, some were heavier than others. No lying snow yet though. Snow again now as i type.
  7. I think someone has turned up to work still drunk in the met office.. issued,cancelled,updated,cancelled.
  8. I'm starting to think i live under an invisible snow shield that stops any snow falling in the dreaded hampshire triangle.
  9. Good morning everyone, I've told the kids its going to snow next week, none of them believe me! .. I hope i haven't jinxed myself.. there is 3 bags of milky bar buttons at stake !!
  10. I have been watching the thread for a few days now, starting to think maybe we will get some snow I really do hope so as Portsmouth always seems to miss out.
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