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  1. Please could someone explain something to me. It appears to be generally accepted among members here that snowfall after the middle of Feb will be short-lived on the ground due to the strength of the sun making it melt or evaporate. Indeed, during the Best from the East last Feb / Mar that was exactly what happened here in mid-Sussex despite cold uppers and surface temperatures. However, where my wife is from in Russia is further south than here, and so the sun is theoretically even stronger, but fallen snow can stay intact there despite any sun, probably through to mid March. What are the factors at play here?
  2. Sorry, I wouldn't. I don't see the point of a marginal snow event where everything disappears straight afterwards. Been through them quite a few times - it is like instant, shallow gratification. I think in our hearts we all want an easterly set for a long time, with deep cold and regular snow.
  3. I enjoy reading the SSW musings in here. It would be a pain to always have to switch to another thread to see them.
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