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  1. To snaaw or not to snaaw. That is the question.
  2. Moderately heavy rain over Edinburgh Airport just now. Nothing as spectacular as to what East Lothian seems to be getting. Anyone report in from there?
  3. Just started to rain here at Edinburgh Airport. Hoping for some loud stuff soon!
  4. How are the chances of thunder over Edinburgh looking for tomorrow and Saturday, or is it too early to say?
  5. Joy, central Scotland looking like it is set for another pasting as things stand then. Of course, still to far out for anything to be ruled out, or in really.
  6. At present ScotRail have a very limited service until 19:00. Shall keep you posted.
  7. Genuinely.. I think the red was put in place to make folk actually go home.. If the Amber stayed in place yesterday, not as many folk or workplaces would have taken the advise as seriously as they did. Can you imagine the carnage if everyone left work at 5 last night.
  8. I'd take a measurement but I'm in my pj's now and may die if I venture outside
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