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  1. Sorry wouldn't let me edit in to one post. Impressive storms today.
  2. Met office pretty atrocious with their warnings. None for today and this. Similar one day last week and another day they had a warning and nothing happened anywhere while met eireann had none that day and were correct. Met √Čireann more on the money orange warning out for today. And met office have one out for tomorrow, doubt it will be as bad as today.
  3. Amber warning for snow in London from 4pm. Yellow before it. I hope the match isn't impacted. Probably be using an orange ball if it does go ahead.
  4. Met office have a small warning area in the SE or northern ireland as well. Looks like I'll be bone dry again.
  5. Not pushed either. Would be just dry and cold for me, not much chance of snow. A Northerly would spark my interest.
  6. ECM has the high further south. Could go blaa especially further north you are
  7. Will the stronger sun give western areas a greater chance of seeing showers than the last easterly?
  8. Depending on where you live, the last easterly didn't produce much for some of those in Western areas. If this easterly happens would there be a greater chance of those areas seeing some more shower activity than last time due to the extra strength of the sun? Feel like I'm clutching at straws...
  9. Not interested if it's an Easterly, will just be boring and bone dry for me out west(most likely) like last time. Would rather a storm or north wind or even some heat.
  10. It's strange how it felt colder for me today, thermometer defo doesn't support it. Wet cold tho lots of showers
  11. Bit of sleet in the showers today. Feels colder than last week today.
  12. Looks like Ferguson was right to get rid of pogba.
  13. I think we'll see more snow before March is done. Obviously not on the scale of the past week for those that saw it.
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