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  1. Many thanks ?. Never thought FI meant that, I expected it to be some technical term.
  2. I’m new to all this. What exactly is FI? I see it mentioned in posts everywhere, I can manage most terms or work them out and understand them, on a basic level but that one is a mystery!
  3. Well it would make a change if we got to even see something! 6c tomorrow wintry showers, lots of wind very good at that here! 8c on Thursday, rain. If only people knew the excitement it causes you’d let us have a bit.
  4. Yes March 2013 was a good one! Mega! But we missed the one two weeks ago just a small amount compared to Alderney, though they rarely do get snow, so it was great they had some for a change,and even Guernsey was better. Last night it did snow a small covering, nothing on the roads stuck though, but it’s melted now and we have the odd flake on the wind. It was frustrating to watch the radar and see it all but be in a gap and miss out on the substantial majority of it. Similar to two weeks ago too. Will it be a White Rabbit to come? Perhaps third time lucky? We shall see!
  5. Yes it was, and today just watching it either side until the gaps filled in, even now you can count the flakes falling in a minute on one hand.....
  6. If it’s of any help the wind has gone more southerly in the CI at the moment we have no snow at all here, Alderney a little, all the showers are just running even more east of CI than they were, then N and W. Very similar situation to the beast just much warmer this time.
  7. Meanwhile in the southern channel isle, it’s rain, just sat in the centre of the LP watching it rotate around spinning snow out to everyone else on the radar.....Maybe tomorrow very similar to last time. All very disappointing though.
  8. Seems a lot like beast 1, Alderney had the best snow, just that few miles North made a big difference.
  9. Well Alderney seems to be having a wonderful snowy event, been non stop there by all accounts, even have THE snow plough out on their airport, so there is snow south of the U.K. even the Isle of Wight.
  10. Snow in Northern Channel Island 8cm, no snow in the South but very cold, shows how a few miles makes a big difference, I can even see them from my home. Warms up Friday, been consistent with that for days now, southerly winds Sat, and Sunday forecast 9c. Still have Thursday as the ‘snow event ‘ for all. Weather radar, satellite images all on this site, current chart on Aviation tab. Slower than usual to load, guess the local population is on snow watch and further South grumbling that the others have all the fun! https://www.gov.je/Weather/Pages/Radar.aspx
  11. Damn cold! Very windy. Not much snow forecast really tomorrow, Thursday is the day for it apparently. All we have now is the odd snowflake in southern isle, more in the Northern ones, but light fro what I’ve heard. Friday and Saturday look tropical with rain.....seems the Channel Light vessel, or the wave buoy is where the snow is!
  12. Here the forecast is 7c and easterly on Friday, Rain. Saturday Southerly 9c rain. So much warmer than it has bee or will be for a few days. . Northern CI’s Snow forecast 10cm today into Tuesday, Southern CI, maybe the odd shower, so a few miles makes a difference. All CI’s have Thursday as the big snowy event. Guess our forecasters are with GFS! We shall see!
  13. From what I can see it’s looks very warm Friday in the CI’s forecasts here backing the idea that it warms, had been showing a forecast of sleet and 4c early this morning now showing rain and a max of 9c and a SW wind. But with east F7 and snow on the Thursday max of 4c which had been sleet same time 24 hours before. Wednesday a cold SE wind dry max 1c , that has been consistent for days. Tuesday NE snow showers 2c. Could all be different tomorrow, I shall just enjoy any snow that happens to appear!
  14. Prefer the ECM ! Our local forecast is snow Tues, sun Wed, and sleet ( nearly did a Violet Elizabeth when I saw that it had been looking good last night) on Thursday for CI seems they follow GFS.
  15. We always have ‘interesting’ weather, gales and fog. Though rarely snow, 2013 was mega though, got skis out for that occasion!
  16. The excitement that would cause if it does go down to CI’s is beyond words. We rarely get any snow, just mention snow the place grinds to a halt. Every time someone’s groans and says South I go Yes, Yes please. Been watching and learning for the last ten days, quite an education. Just getting to grips with this model stuff so excuse my lack of knowledge.
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